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When you enter the Lower Mills Campus...

~You are the Light of Christ

~You are Scientists

~You are Authors

~You are Important

~You are Leaders

~You are Explorers

~You are Readers

~You are Thinkers

~You are Creators

~You are Friends

~You are Loved

~You are a child of God

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Scholars in PreK-B remind us of the powerful words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as we reflect on his legacy not just today, but every day. Our students choose love...we strive to live like Jesus did. Each fingerprint in this heart calls attention to the urgency of our mission.

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MAP testing is here! The MAP testing window is January 8th to February 9th for students in grades K2 to 8.

MAP testing tracks personalized growth for each student. Families received a copy of your child's MAP report from the FALL testing at Parent Teacher Conferences. This testing is very important and supports our teachers in guiding their lesson planning as well as scope and sequence of their curriculum. There WILL BE grade level prizes as well as individual prizes for students in each grade who MAKE THE MOST GROWTH from September to January!!! Sneak Peak: one of the prizes is attending the Boston Celtics game on Friday, February 2nd!!!

A few reminders about MAP:

1. Students must be on time at school, ready to learn! Please make sure that you are at Prayer Service by 7:30am.

2. Students should eat a healthy breakfast!

3. Get a good nights rest, sleeping at least 8 hours!

4. Students try their best! MAP testing is not a timed test, so there is no reason to rush! Some students often think that if they finish faster, that means they know the material better...but that is not true! Take your time, read through all of the possible answers.

5. Embrace a growth mindset and be proud of the progress you have made!

Testing for the Week of January 15th:

Wednesday: K2A & K2B Math and 4A & 4B Math

Thursday: Grades 6, 7 & 8 Math

Friday: Grade 2 Math & Grades 1A & 1B Math

Families and MAP testing...7 things to Know! Click Below

NWEA MAP (Measuring Academic Progress) Growth Info

Families and MAP Growth-7 Things to Know

Mrs Hockey's had a special message to grade 5 scholars, "Donut stress, take your time and do your best!"

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Parent Corps Meeting: Thursday, January 18th (Chid Care Provided)

Thursday, Jan. 18th, 6pm

2222 Dorchester Avenue

Boston, MA

Join us for our next Parent Corps Meeting this Thursday, January 18th at 6pm in the Media Center.

Agenda Items:

  • Catholic Schools Week-activites planned to date and any additional ideas
  • Future Schools Events Calendar from February to June

We would love to hear your voice...Our school community is stronger with YOU there!

Middle School scholars created their "Guiding Light" bulletin board to remind them of their goals and aspirations. Students also shared who they felt they go to if they needed support or encouragement when they are feeling stuck...we all need someone during those times!

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Please note that schedule below is subject to change. A final version will be sent out.

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Let the Door Decorating Contest Begin! How will your classroom represent the theme of "Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed."

Sunday, January 28th to Friday, February 2nd

Catholic Schools Week Mass at Saint Gregory's Parish

Sunday, Jan. 28th, 10am

2223 Dorchester Avenue

Boston, MA

The Lower Mills school community will kick off Catholic Schools Week by celebrating Mass with Father Daily at 10am on January 28th. I am looking for Student Ambassadors to represent our amazing school. If your child is in grades 1 to 8 and is interested in being a Student Ambassador, please email me: or RSVP to this event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Catholic Schools Week: Celebrating Our Community

Monday, Jan. 29th, 9am

2222 Dorchester Avenue

Boston, MA

The Lower Mills school community will Celebrate Our Community with several special guests. We will be filing our Blessing Bags for people experiencing homelessness. Students will write personalized notes and prayers to put into the bags.

Below is a suggested list of donations. Several people have mentioned that their employers would like to donate as well, thank you so much for your support!

  • Gift cards to CVS, Shaws, Visa cards, Target, Dollar Store, Stop and Shop, etc (this will allow staff to go and purchase the items below)
  • Gallon size ziploc bags
  • Reusable bags
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Warm Socks (wool socks, fuzzy socks)
  • Any travel sized items you may have at home from hotel stays, etc.
  • Tissues (small packs)
  • Bandages
  • Deodorant
  • Bars of soap
  • Comb
  • Mouthwash (travel size)
  • Tylenol (individual packet of 2)
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Trail mix
  • Juice boxes
  • Fruit snacks
  • Dried fruit
  • Granola bars
  • Crackers
  • Protein powder packets
  • Beef jerky
  • Baby wipes
  • Chapstick
  • Moisturizer
  • First Aid kit
  • Grooming kit
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Heat pack
  • Journal and pen

Catholic Schools Week: Celebrating Our Students

Tuesday, Jan. 30th, 7:30am

2222 Dorchester Avenue

Boston, MA

We will Celebrate Our Students on Tuesday, January 29th!

  • Ice Cream Sundae Party for all!
  • No Homework for students tonight!
  • Game Day! Puzzles, Board Games and Interactive White Board activities in the afternoon.

Catholic Schools Week: Celebrating the Nation

Wednesday, Jan. 31st, 7:30am

2222 Dorchester Avenue

Boston, MA

Open House for prospective families from 8am to 11:30am and 3pm to 5pm! Is there a family you can refer? We are entering our Peak Admission season and need your help! Please take advantage of our Referral Program and stack up those $100 referral credits !

Middle School: Authors' Cafe in the evening!

Catholic Schools Week: Celebrating Vocations

Thursday, Feb. 1st, 7:30am

2222 Dorchester Avenue

Boston, MA

  • Open House for prospective families from 8am to 9:30am and 3pm to 5pm
  • Faculty College Swag Day~It is never too early to talk about going to college! Teachers will come to school representing the college or university they graduated! Let’s talk to our students and ask them…where are you going to go to college?

Thursday, February 1st: Student vs Lower Mills Teachers/Staff Basketball Game at 10am.

Students, represent your classroom/grade level with the colors below!

  • 2.9: Gray
  • PreK: Yellow
  • K1: Light Blue
  • K2: Orange
  • Grade One: Purple
  • Grade Two: Pink
  • Grade Three: Black
  • Grade Four: Green
  • Grade Five: Blue
  • Grade Six: White
  • Grade Seven: Lime Green
  • Grade Eight: Hot Pink

Catholic Schools Week: Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

Friday, Feb. 2nd, 7:30am

2222 Dorchester Avenue

Boston, MA

  • Staff Luncheon...does your family want to bring in a special dish or treat for the faculty room?
  • Door Decorating Contest Results
  • Three prizes (Grades 2.9 to K2, Grades 1 to 4 and Grades 5 to 8)
  • Prizes will be: Free TAG Day for your class, 20 minutes of extra recess time and no lunch/recess duty for the teacher for the following Monday!

Stay tuned! One of our scholars is up for winning the Courage Award presented at the Corey Griffin Foundation Winter Ball on February 10th!

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Live from Lower Mills! The Corey Griffin Foundation team was at our school filming, we can't wait to see the final product!

Grade 3 students are learning to determine the area of shapes by building rectangles, using skip counting, repeated addition and multiplying the side lengths (area = base x height). #WeAreMathematicians

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Stop by the middle school hallway to see our beautiful new mural, painted with love by Ms. D...our phenomenal art teacher!

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Wherever God has put you, that is your vocation. It is not what we do but how much love we put into it." ~Mother Teresa

Remember to bundle up! It is always a good reminder that when we come back to school to have a warm winter jacket, hat, gloves and a scarf! Students are able to wear boots during the snow and ice and change into their uniform shoes once they get into school. Please just pack a plastic bag in your child's backpack to place the boots in during the day!

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Don't forget to read at home for a minimum of 30 minutes per night! Below is our link to Tumblebooks...a free, amazing resource with hundreds of titles for all ages! Click on the link below the picture.

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Don't forget to stop by the Lower Mills Main Office to get your SJP2CA winter hat! The freezing temperatures are here! Pick one up for your coworkers, friends, family & neighbors! Hats are $10 each.

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Christine and Daniela are off to snowboard on Wachusett Mountain as part of the CHILL Boston Snow Program! They will learn the art of snowboarding while making new friends! Each week their lessons will be focused around the six themes of the program: patience, persistence, responsibility, courage, respect and pride.

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We need your help! #OperationEnrollment

Have you seen our new banner outside? We know that our number one referral source is of course, YOU! Word of mouth continues to be our strongest support in registering new families. We have open seats in grades K2 to 8. Please take advantage of our Referral Program and help us Spread the Good News of SJP2CA Lower Mills!
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Lower Mills Innovative Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Jennifer Sellon is her fourth year of teaching grade 2 at Lower Mills, however, she has been teaching in our building for almost 15 years. Ms. Sellon was a K1 and K2 teacher for SJP2CA Lower Mills and an Early Childhood teacher for Saint Gregory's before our school became the Academy. Interesting fact about Ms. Sellon~she lives a hop, skip and a jump away from our school and attended Saint Gregory's Grammar School as a student in both elementary and middle school before moving on to Boston Latin School. Ms. Sellon is a wonderful Aunt to her 8 nieces and nephews and to one special Godson. Ms. Sellon has been on a very healthy lifestyle track for well over a year, but when she does may find her at Sweet Life Bakery enjoying brunch or toffee health bar cookies. Ms. Sellon loves the color pink and the beach! When she is not at school on the weekends (because you can find her at school at almost any time) she is spending time at her Cape house. Ms. Sellon loves to walk on the beach, collect shells and of course eat ice cream at Penguin Polar Cave in West Yarmouth (although it's a close call to the Ice Cream Smith-but her sister did work there growing up). Ms. Sellon attends Mass every weekend and is very involved in the community. Christmas Eve is her favorite day, other than her birthday of course...she celebrates her birthday for just about a week! She was the 2016 Yawkey Teacher of Excellence recipient for her continued dedication to Catholic Education. Ms. Sellon works before school, after school, Summer Program, moderates clubs such as Walking Club and STEM Club. She is always creating innovative projects for her students and personalized birthday gifts for each and every one. We are blessed to have such a dedicated teacher like Ms. Sellon on the Lower Mills team!

Upcoming dates:

Monday, January 15th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School

Thursday, January 18th: Lower Mills Parent Corps meeting, 6pm in the Media Center

Monday, January 22nd: After-School Clubs begin

Monday, January 22nd: TAG Day, $1 per student

Sunday, January 28th to Saturday, February 3rd: Catholic Schools Week! Does anyone have any new, creative ideas? Email me!

Sunday, January 28th: Mass at 10am, Saint Gregory's~Do you want to be a Student Ambassador?

Friday, February 2nd: Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord

Friday, February 2nd: Boston Celtics Game (excited to find out what students will be joining me! The names will be announced the week of the game)

Looking ahead...Save the dates!

Friday, February 9th: MAP testing window closes

Friday, February 9th: Progress Reports sent home in backpacks

Wednesday, February 14th: Ash Wednesday, Parish Mass at 9am

Friday, February 16th: First Penance, 1pm at Saint Gregory's with Father Daily

Friday, February 16th: Last day of school before February vacation

Monday, February 19th to Friday, February 23rd: No School~February vacation

Monday, February 26th: School reopens after February vacation

Friday, March 16th: School Mass, grade 3 leading

Sunday, April 29th: First Holy Communion

Together as Lower Mills students, families, teachers, staff and administration we are...

~Facilitating Thinking

~Engaging Minds

~Listening to Questions

~Encouraging Risks

~Supporting Struggle

~Cultivating Dreams

~Learning Everyday

~Living the Gospel

SJP2CA Referral Program

Did you know that if you refer a family and they register, you will receive a $100 credit off of your tuition after 3 months? There is no limit on the number of credits!! 5 registered families=$500! Our next Open House is Thursday, November 2nd...please share with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues!

Important Contact Information

Have a question about transcripts for high schools? Email:

Is your child going to be out sick for the day? Email Nurse Tanya:

Looking to reach the Main Office? Email Mrs. Walsh:

Have a question about school lunch? Email Ms. Fran:

Need to reach the Extended Day Program? Email Mr. Francois:

Have a tuition question? Email Raymonde:

Have a question for the Principal? Email:

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Our newest addition in the Office proudly hangs for all to read. #GoTeamLowerMills #LowerMillsLEADERS