Sheldon Glashow

Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

The Story of Birth

Glashow was born in Manhattan, New York on 1932. His parents fled to America from Russia after being persecuted because of them being Jewish. Once his famil got to America they got off and well, and lived the life of a middle calss family. His parents are Lewi Glashow and Bella nee Rubin ann his two brothers, Samuel and Jules. While growing up his parents supported him in education and going off to college.


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Won the Nobel Prize Award in Physics in 1979.

Inspiration to Science

From an early age, he knew he wanted to be a scientist. His brothers went into dentistry and medicine encouraged by his parent and he knew science interested him. Also his parents always encouraged his scientific inclinations. Him and his friends spurred each other to learn physics. He credits hsi brother Samuel for his inspiration, and all these things inspired him to go into science.


Sheldon Glashow had many hardships. One of his main hardships is that he was Jewish, and during that time it would be difficult. In the field of science he faced the challenge of the theory of unifying weak forces and electromagnetic interractions. Another hting was that he was resposible for taking care hif family, a wife and two kids. In all, he was discriminated against and had much responsiblility but still came to overcome it call.

Major Contribution; Electroweak Forces

Sheldon Glashow greatly contributed to the field of science. He was also very accomplished in his field of science and memorable for what he did to this day. In his field he also worked with other scientists that together they made their contributions. Those scientists include Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg. Sheldon Glashow deepened the understanding of modern science through his contribution and his theory is still relevant to today.

The contribution is the theory in electroweak forces. According to the Nobel Prize website, the prize motivation was for "for their contributions to the theory of the unified weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, including, inter alia, the prediction of the weak neutral current”. What this quote means is he accomplished his goals and received the Nobel Prize by his theory of electro weak forces. So what he did his extend and deepen our understanding of electroweak forces.

He did this by theorizing weak neutral currents in certain interactions of elementary particles. The effects were later confirmed in experiments. So Sheldon Glashow was very important to field of science. Glashow contributed to the theory of having to do with electroweak forces. Him and two other people achieved the Nobel Prize as a sign of accomplishments. For his accomplishments he is still memorable in the field of science to this day.

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