Schools In Czech Republic

By:Abi Lepinski & layne Halvorsen

Czech education

What is your school like? Have you ever heard of an education system that is different than yours? Maybe they take classes that you have never heard of or even they grade things way different than your school might? All schools are different, schools around the world have different ways of teaching. The Czech Republic's education system is fairly similar to the American school system, though it does have a few more upsides. Schools in the Czech Republic, have many options of classes, some that are both required and non required classes. Another difference is the rubrics they use for grading in the republic, which uses different percentages and systems.

Grading in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, children that attend primary and secondary school are graded on a scale from one to five, one being the lowest and five being the highest. Other Czech schools may just use a scale from four to one but it can vary, they may also use extra distinctive marks for example, " 3+ is slightly better than 3, 2− is slightly worse than 2, 1-2 os well r 1/2 means halfway between 1 and 2, and 1* means exceptionally excellent." (Wikipedia, 1). After primary and secondary school and on to universities the grading system changes, now they use a textual form- A through F. Although in some of the universities they may use use the alphabet as a grading scale as well as percentages along with additional 1-4 grades( scale used in 1st and 2nd schools). Along with those grading rubrics, some private schools use a grade scale from 1-10 (one being the lowest, ten being the highest). (Written by Layne.H)

Classes in Czech Republic

Czech republic has very different education than you might be used too, there education is divided into two different groups primary school and secondary school. In primary school it's normally grades 1-5 with some of the basic classes of Czech, technology, Mathematics, art, biology, hand crafting education,geography and physical education which are just some of the start of classes that you could take in primary school. Secondary school on the other hand is grades 6-9 with some more different classes such as math,geology,history, Czech, art, French, social studies,chemistry, music amd physics. These are just the start of some of the classes that could be taken in get Czech Republic education. (Written by Abi)


The Czech Republic is certainly different from other schools around the world, and possibly even better. Czech schools are about he same as other schools, generally speaking, but they do have special qualities and differences. Your school systems might learn a thing or two from Czech Republic schools, and the same for czech schools.


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