The Legacy Times

Volume 13 - August 2018

Director's Spotlight: Shanna Grubb

Dear Legacies Line family,

It's great to be back in full swing with the team. We had a wonderful weekend at camp! Your girls have been truly amazing. The girls were awarded the "Rainmaker" award for heart and dedication, the "Most Disciplined" team, a "Platinum Elite" rating and "Outstanding Precision". I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who helped with the goody bags and to Brooke Smith for putting them together. We could not have survived those late nights and early mornings without those snacks. Also, a big thank you to Mona Savage and AJ Barkley for getting the girls tote bags from the booster club. Those were a much needed item and a nice surprise for the girls to have at camp. Another lifesaver at camp was our new water jugs! A big thank you to Vedra DeVos for finding and ordering those for us so the girls could stay hydrated. Also, a huge thank you to Mrs. Hargraves for attending camp with us this weekend and acting as our assistant director.

I would like to send out a big congratulations to Liliann DeVos, Alyssa Meissner and Lili Woody for winning Star Dancer at camp.

We have a lot on our schedule this week including fall poster pics! A few time changes have come up that I informed your girls of last week. On Friday, we will have camp from 9:00-12:30 along with big and little sis reveal. Officers will perform at the main entrance of The Ford Star early Friday morning, as teachers are entering for FISD Convocation. Another important thing you don't want to miss is that Mr. Durand and I have planned a Legacy Line parent meeting on August 21st at 6:30 pm right before our first booster club meeting for the year. I hope your girls are getting lots of rest and recovering from camp as we are pushing ourselves to "Rise Up" this year. Thank you again for all of the support and for everything you do for the Legacy Line! What a wonderful start we have had. I can't believe Friday night lights are just around the corner.


Mrs. Grubb

Legacies Rise in team spirit!

Legacy Line Backers Booster Mission Statement

  • To support and champion the Legacy Line Dance and Drill Team program at Wakeland High School

Booster Meeting Coming Soon!

Tuesday, August 21 @ 7pm in the WHS library

We invite you to join our first Legacy Line Backer Booster Club meeting for the 18-19 school year! We look forward to seeing you at all 4 Booster Club Meetings held during the year.

Click HERE for the Booster & Board Calendar 18-19.


1st VP (Social): Brooke Smith

  • NEW Legacy Moms:
As a Legacy Line tradition, new member moms create and donate locker decorations for the team. We want to extend a special thanks to our amazing new mom team and wonderful co-chairs; Mendi Larson, Lindy Bradshaw, and Melissa Youngblood. Thank you for sharing your time and efforts in creating beautiful locker magnets for our 18-19 school year. Our Legacies love them!

  • Line Camp Goody Bags:
We are so excited for our Legacies to attend Crowd Pleasers' Line Camp! Thanks to all who donated items for our Line Camp Goody Bags. These snacks will be great over the 3 days of busy camp life.

Football Season Must Knows & DOs!

  • Game Day Volunteers:
Each Game Day we will serve a pre-game meal to our Legacies. This pre-game meal is provided after school and is successful due to the volunteers who help set up & take down the meal area.

*Please click HERE to SIGN UP and volunteer for GAME DAY Meals

  • Game Day Meal Order & Payment for Legacies & Managers:
Parents will be receiving an email next week with meal order forms. Please take a moment with your Legacy to complete each pre-game meal selection carefully and in full. Payment options will be shared within this email, along with the Revtrak link to complete full payment.

Legacies RISE in COMMUNITY Spirit!

2nd VP (Fundraising): Danielle Woods


SPIRIT NIGHT - Raising Cane's on Sept. 11 @ 4pm-10pm

Our first spirit night will be at Raising Cane's at the Eldorado/Tollway location. Be sure to start the spreading the news to all friends and family. Our spirit nights are fundraising opportunities where portions of the sales benefit our team.

SAVE the dates for these fall Spirit Nights:

10/2 - Cane Rosso

10/16 - Chic Fil A

11/6 - Palio's (Little Elm Location)

Wakeland Fall Spirit Ad Order Form - Football Program

If you are interested in having your Legacy in the Fall Football Program,

please print the following FORM

and send in by August 10 to contacts listed on form.

Game Day Family Meals

Coordinators: Lindsay Penny & Kristi Sauer
  • It is a long tradition for Legacy Line families to gather for dinner before each football game. These fun and casual dinners take place near the game locations to make it easy for families to come. We encourage you to join us at all 3 "Family Game Day Dinners" this year!

1st Dinner - Aug. 31 @ Rudy's BBQ

2nd Dinner - Oct. 5

3rd Dinner - Nov. 8

For August 31st, please send your Game Day RSVP to the following email address:

*In your RSVP email, please include an estimated head count for your family, so we can provide the restaurant with an approx. head count prior to our arrival.

Secretary: Lisa McManus

A BIG shout of "THANKS" to those families who have completed the team directory form.

For those who may need to complete:

Thanks for taking a quick minute to complete the form to finalize our team directory for the coming year.

Directory submission deadline will be August 15.

This will provide ample time for the assembly of the directory and for copies to be passed out at our booster meeting on August 21. We appreciate it!

*Please click and complete this link - TEAM DIRECTORY FORM

Spirit Wear Chair: AJ Barkley

Team Totes: THANKS to our speedy and ever reliable spirit chair for having our team totes ordered and delivered prior to Crowd Pleasers' Line Camp. They look FABULOUS!

Reminder: If you ordered a yard sign (boot) for your Legacy and have not arranged for a pick up, please be sure to call Mrs. Barkley at 313-655-717.

*a special note of thanks to Mrs. Veda DeVos for organizing our team order for the new Legacy Line water jugs! They are beautiful and will keep our Legacies' water chilled and in style!

August Dates to Know:

8/3-5 ~ LINE CAMP @ Embassy Suites in Frisco (8/3 will depart @ 7am)

8/6 ~ Team pictures @ 11am

8/7 - WHS Boot Camp @ 9am-4pm (Icon Day)

8/8~ WHS Boot Camp @ 9am-5pm (Superhero Day)

8/9 ~ DAY OFF!

8/10 ~ FISD Convocation: Officers only

  • WHS Boot Camp 9-12:30pm (TIME CHANGE)
  • Big/Little Sis Reveal

8/14-15 ~ Team Practice @6:30-9:30am

8/16 ~ HAPPY 1st Day of School!

8/17 ~ Legacy Life Event: Back to School Bash @ 7pm (Savage Home)

8/21 - Booster Meeting @ 7pm in WHS library

8/21-23 ~ Team Practice @ 6:30

8/24 ~ Team Paint Party for Ladders @4:30-6pm

8/28-30 ~ Team Practice @ 6:30

8/31 ~ GAME DAY! PEP RALLY! vs. Sulphur Springs - FISD Memorial @7pm

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