The Aztecs


A type of corn called maize was the Aztecs main food source. They also ate tomatoes, avocado, atole (Which is a kind of porridge.), maize tortillas, and tamales. The Aztec also ate chocolate but only warriors ate chocolate because it was believed to provide stamina and was used in sacred rituals, it was considered a food or drink for the elite.

Traditional Clothing

Most of the clothing were lose and did not cover all the body. Because of there great trading network they had alot of bright dyes and the colors that are still seen in mexico today.
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The Aztec had many beliefs, they believed that the sun fought the darkness every night and it rose every morning to save mankind. They thought the earth was flat and they also believed that if they feed the sun blood that it would rise. They also built the best temples they could to impress the gods.
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The Aztecs used wind and percussion instruments like clay flutes, ocarinas, rattles and drums.


Aztec homes, considering on the class of the family would determine the quality of the material "commoners" where made from adobe which are sun dried brick made from clay and "nobles" had lime stone bricks.
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The Aztec had no metal money but they did have something they used as money, cacao beans that they used to buy cloths, tools, and if they had a lot jewelry.
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