The Renaissance

How it Changed Europe and the World

Effects of the Renaissance

Before the Renaissance most of Europe (and the world) believed in Christianity but when the Renaissance rolled around people started to expand their thinking and start to disagree with the church and that eventually formed into humanism, which then became quite the competitor when it comes to what people believed in Europe and in the world.

Textual Evidence

As the text says, "During the Middle Ages, the religion of Christianity dominated Europe. Theology, or the study of God, was considered the most important type of learning... In the mid-1300's, a few scholars began to change this way of thinking"(18.1 The Renaissance: Origins and Characteristics, Social Studies Tech Book).

What the Renaissance did

The Renaissance is the reason that we are so advanced. It was a time where almost any proclamation could become fact. Anyone could be right and it was all because we stepped out of our hiding hole and thought about things even if they were unproven they could still be theory. Where we started thinking about things that we are still thinking about, and it's all because of the Renaissance and the changes it made.