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October 17 - 21

The Shady Brook Vision and Mission Statement

Knowledge Informs and Determines Success for Students

The Mission of Shady Brook Elementary is to provide a safe environment to instill positive character traits and educate all students for success today and tomorrow.

Shady Brook Strategic Goal

100% of students at SBE will meet or exceed passing standards for reading, math, science and writing based on STAAR assessments, Reading 3D, report cards, CBAs/DBAs.

Upcoming goals!

Share your upcoming goals for R3D, CBAs, DBAs with us! As a campus let's work together to support each other and our students with our goals.

Simply email Shannon the goal for the upcoming assessment that you would like to share. The goal will then be shared in this area and then we will all help to encourage the students to achieve the goals that have been set!

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Important SBE Events to Remember:

10/18 Student Birthday Celebrations - PTA

10/18 Fall Fitness Night - 5:30

10/20 PTA Staff Appreciation - "Our Staff is a - Maize- ing!"

10/24 - 10/28 Red Ribbon Week

10/25 Bugers for Books --- Enjoy your free lunch on us this day and help students earn free books!

10/26 SBE Birthday Luncheon - 5th Grade, Boone, Statz and Haraden

10/28 Popcorn/Coke/Hat Day

10/31 Storybook Character Dress-up day for students and staff

11/1 KAB Club Mtg.

11/3 6th Grade Symphony Field Trip

11/3 Math Parent University

11/4 Grandparents/Heroes Day Grades 1, 2 and 5

11/7 Grandparents/Heroes Day Grades K, 3, 4 and 6

11/8 Election Day Polling Location

11/9 Spring Creek BBQ Night

11/9 Suzuki Strings Recital

11/11 Fall Pictures Makeup/Retake Day

11/11 End of 2nd Six Weeks

11/11 Early Student Dismissal --- PD in the afternoon

Upcoming Meetings:

10/17 Clarence to S.O.S. Process Training

10/19 Stephanie to eSchool 4.0 Training

10/19 Clarence to AP Mtg.

10/21 Melissa to IS Mtg.

10/21 Denise to eSchool 4.0 Training

10/21 Blockout Mtgs.

10/24 Blockout Mtgs.

10/25 Clarence to eSchool 4.0 Training

10/26 Shannon to Principals Mtg.

10/27 Shannon to eSchool 4.0 Training

11/1 Lisa to Counselor Mtg.

11/1 Shannon to H.E.B. P.L.A.N. Mtg.

11/1 PTA Board Mtg.

11/2 Shannon to Instructional Mtg.

11/3 - 4 Clarence and Melissa to Coaching for Results Training

11/3 Staff Mtg. - Lone Star Award presentation by District Admin. and TOY nominations

11/4 CTA Exchange Day - Marylou off campus

11/4 Shannon to District CBA 1 Data Talk

Testing Information:

10/18 Math CBA 1 Grade 2

10/18 Reading CBA 1 Grades 3 - 5

10/25 Data Talk: Reading CBA 1 Grades 3 - 5

10/25 Data Talk: Short Cycle Assessment Check-in Grade 6

10/27 Data Talk: Math CBA 1 Grade 2

11/8 Science CBA 1 Grades 3, 4 and 6

11/8 Science CBA 2 Grade 5

11/9 Writing DBA 1 Grade 4

Shady Brook University

It's getting closer! We look forward to a great turnout!

These sessions have now been set up in Eduphoria. Please make sure to register so that we can give you credit for this time of learning! :)

See below to find out what great sessions are coming for Thursday, October 20th!

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Kudos to. . .

  • Cindy Hermus for getting some Sunshine Committee items for me since she was already at the store. Submitted by Angela McFarland
  • Melissa Hassell for ALWAYS supporting the teachers and letting us pick weeds when they come up! Submitted by Angela McFarland
  • Tobin Hodges for standing in the rain to help morning traffic run through more quickly last week!
  • Blake Tufts and Tobin Hodges for jumping outside the other morning when extra assistance was needed.
  • Tracy Newton for working to problem-solve when she saw that one of our Interventionists needed help.
  • Genna Schutza, Tammie Epps and Blake Tufts for getting our Student Council focused on student leadership and community service!


Happy Birthday to. . .

10/27 Mary Jo Kamm

11/1 Mary Lou Violette

11/5 Lisa Evans

11/9 Leslie Krueger

11/16 Sherry Uribe

11/17 Sarah Shelar

12/10 Lydia Gagliardi

12/23 Allyson Lannom

12/29 Kelly Severs

**Please let me know if you don't see your birthday for September/October so that I can add that information.**

Upcoming DUE DATES


  • 10/17 Lesson Plans due in the Shared Folder
  • Self-reflection (do not have to submit answers): How do I address student mistakes and follow through to ensure student mastery? (Dimension 2.1) After the 1st Six Weeks, what do I now know about my students that will impact the way that I plan my classroom and tutoring lessons?
  • United Way/HEB Clothes Closet/Education Foundation - Donations due by this October 31.
  • 11/11 Grades due by 12:30 p.m.


  • Time Cards due to Denise at the designated time.

Team Leaders

  • Reminder - Melissa needs 2 Conference forms from each team for our Title I documentation. Thank you!
  • Team Minutes due to the assigned administrator each Monday for the previous week. We will respond to these weekly and get them back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!

Goal Teams

  • Continue to let us know if you are setting up a meeting. We have some CBA tests coming up along with some family events in the next few months. If you have not let us know how you would like to format the family event for your subject area yet, please let us know a tentative plan by mid-October. Thank you!

News you need to know!

Gobble, Gobble! - We need your assistance. What is a family tradition that you may have for Thanksgiving? If you don't mind sharing, please send this information to Melissa by Monday, November 7th.


After the end of the 1st six weeks of school, it's time to revisit/reteach your classroom and campus expectations. For examples, on the 1st six weeks survey the hallways were mentioned. This is a great time to revisit the expectation of hallway behavior. In addition, look at your instructional time. Is there an expectation that needs to be reviewed with the students