News From Room 10

November 16-20


  • Continue to practice memorizing student ID/lunch number. ALL students need to know their number as they will use this number throughout their entire K-12 academic career for a variety of reasons.
  • Remember to return homework notebooks each Friday. (All paper books are yours to keep! Books with bar codes must be sent back to school.)

Upcoming Events

  • November 17th - Interims Go Home
  • November 18th - Turkey Disguise Project Due
  • November 18th- Innovation Lab Presentations at 11:00
  • November 19th, 5pm - PTA Meeting
  • November 20th - STEM Day #2
  • November 25th-27th - NO SCHOOL, Fall Break
  • December 2nd - Coffee with the Principals

This Week's Learning Goals

I can...

  • use pictures to make predictions. (Reading SOLs: K.9c, K.10a)
  • write my first name. (Writing SOL: K.11b)
  • draw a picture. (Writing SOL: K.12a,b)
  • gather data by counting and tallying. (Math SOL: K.13)
  • display data in graphs and tables. (Math SOL: K.14)
  • answer questions related to the gathered data in graphs/tables. (Math SOL: K.14)
  • tell about identify the events honored by Thanksgiving Day. (Social Studies SOL: K.1)

Classroom Wish List:

Looking for ways to support our class?

We could really use help obtaining these supplies!

  • Dry-erase markers (skinny, fine point)
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Cardstock
  • Plastic spoons & forks