And why it is so amazing...

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Soccer is one of the best sports the world has to offer. It is both an individual and team sports and offers something for everyone within the positions. Also, there is always more to learn. Soccer keeps you on your toes... Literally!

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As you can see, there are lots of different positions that anybody can play. 4, to be exact. First, the farthest back on the field, is the goalie. They protect the goal and keep the other opponents from scoring. Next, there are the defenders (Labeled as Centre-backs and fullbacks in the image). Their main job is to protect their team's side and keep the ball as far away from it as possible. Then, there are midfielders. They also help guard the side with the defense, and also help the offense. They kind of play all positions. Last but not least there are the forwards. Forwards, or strikers are the goal scorers. There is a position for everyone!

Also, soccer players can do cool things like these!


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