Endangered Species

Leatherback Turtle

Information about the Leatherback Turtles

The Leatherback turtle is dark with whites spots. Its has flexible bones, it is about 4-8 ft long. This turtle doesn't have a shell. The leatherback is covered in scales. Leatherback turtles have been around for more then 150 years. They lived through Dinosaurs extinction

Where the Leatherback turtle lives

This turtle lives in the sea like the Pacific and as far north as Alaska and south beyond the southern most tip of Zealand.

Names\ Kingdoms

  • Dermochelys Coriacea
  • Leatherback Turtle

  • Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Reptilia
    Order: Testudines
    Family: Dermochelyidae
    Genus: Dermochelys
    Species: coriacea

Role in the Ecosystem

The leatherback turtle plays the role of a herbivore in the sea. This turtle main diet is jellyfish and sometimes crab.

Threats to Leatherback turtle and Solutions that need to be done

The main threats this turtle faces is habitat loss, wildlife trade, collection of eggs and meat for consumption, climate change and pollution. The solutions that are being done to protect the Leatherback turtle is to protect nesting beaches for this turtle raising awareness in communities also promoting regional agreement to conserve marine turtles, then reducing the long line by catching facilitating and promoting gear modification