Brick City Monthly Newsletter

May 2, 2016

A Message from Nate & Ashley Rodriguez

Thoughts on Worship

I Just wanted to share a thought that came to mind recently, on worship, since we have our worship encounter next Friday, May 13th!! I felt like sharing what the Lord ministered to me. A true worshiper understands that in order for them to be the last one standing they must be the first one kneeling. God calls us to live a life completely surrendered to Him. Jesus said in John 15:5 "Apart from me you can do nothing;" teaching us that when we have relationship with him we can do all things and live out our true purpose. But, that partnership and manifestation of His purpose for us only becomes a reality when we have learned to surrender our lives to Him. That means to give up our plans, toss our ambitions, and live not to make our names great, but to make His name great. When we live for Him we will come to the realization that He will do far more greater things in us than we can ever do for ourselves. That's why I'm so excited for our worship night! I encourage you to come out next Friday and together enter into a deeper dimension in His presence. Our night of worship is designed to help you reach new levels in your relationship with God as you experience His love and power in your life. During special times of prayer, ministry, and extended worship, you'll learn to walk in increased fellowship with the Holy Spirit. This is a time for you to build upon your faith and enter into a place of habitation with your Lord!

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What is a Brick City Group?

We don’t want anyone to do life alone! We want to do life with you and be “better together” because we each have the opportunity to learn and grow as we influence each other’s lives. Joining a group is a great next step to living life in community and building lasting friendships. We will be launching our first two small groups Crash the Chatterbox and The Millennial Marriage Project. If you would still like to sign up, please send us an e-mail at

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Join Us for Wednesday Night Bible Study

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Join us on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Main Sanctuary as we worship and dive into God's word with our Senior Pastor, Patrick E. Winfield. If you would like more information, or have questions about our Wednesday night Bible Study, feel free to contact the church at
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