Comparison between Spanish and Canadian advertisement.

Advertising in our society.

Nowadays, our world is full of different types of ads. The ad producers have a bunch of different methods to create ads, but the main purpose is always to confuse us so we will buy whatever they are advertising.

They are aggressive, excessive and manipulative. They know how to get what they want. They are flashy, colourful and emotional.

In my opinion, they have reached a point where they should not be. They have crossed a line, they do not sell products any more, they manipulate you to do things and introduce new ways of thinking. They are promoting the capitalism and a lifestyle based on being always competitive but, always at the best prize. They do not care about anything, they reach every age range, even little kids, who do not know how to differentiate whether they are being manipulated or not.

In terms of how advertisement influences my life, I would say that it has a big influence on me, because that is where I see all the brands, offers (and lies) that I can use on my actual life, so I guess it totally changes how I act and think. For example if I have to buy a pair of pants at store A and this ad tells me that store B has this 50% offer, I will go there, so it does change my actions.


If I have to choose a word to describe it, it will be artificial, they are all focused on the brand instead of being focused on the product, they repeat and repeat the brand and even sometimes, you do not know the product they are advertising. Other main characteristic is that they are way more serious than the Spanish ones, they are all controlled and follow some main schedules. They are colorful and get your attention easily due to that.

The ads are used in every single type of program, like news, game shows, realities... The amount of ads shown is massive, whether they are explicit or implicit.

The ads that are shown on TV are, in their majority, advertising products and rarely advertising something of the channel itself, like series programs.

I think I do not like this adverts that much because they get boring really easily, and I always feel that I am being manipulated by them.

Original Clearly Canadian Commercial


In Spain, advertising is more natural than in Canada, or I find it like that. The ads usually have a humorous point and they do not follow a pattern, there is a lot of variety.

Usually, the ads were more focused on the product than in the brand, but lately, you can see more and more ads focused on the brand.

The amount of ads is not as huge as in Canada, but is not small either.

The Spanish ads are usually shown one by one, I mean, they are not in an ensemble, each one has its own space on the ad space. The shows that are produced in Spain usually have a lot of implicit advertising, for example, when the family is having breakfast, they make sure that the brand of the cereals is on the front or that the while they are serving the milk we can see the brand...

I really like this type of advertising because at least is not boring and sometimes I even take some ideas of them to do school assignments, so advertising has helped me in other way more than just trying to sell me products.

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