Aurora Borealis

The northern lights

The lights have been spotted in Alaska

In Alaska the northern lights are a light show in the best time is around this time to go and see the lights. The lights are solar flares coming from the sun.

wait there's more

There is another thing called Aurora Australis it is the same thing but on the southern part of the world as if they are the southern lights.

how do they get there colors you ask?

Aurora Borealis get there colors by the suns radiates all visible colors, which is why sunlight appears white but we see different colors do to the amount of green house gasses changing the color.

how do we know when they are coming?

We know they are coming when the sun shots off solar flares but they don't reach the earth so the expect them to come at any time after they discover the flares. The sentience work hard to find this out for us.