Georgia O'Keeffe

Color and Abstraction

"Filling a space in a beautiful way. That is what art means to me."


  • Georgia O'Keeffe was born in 1887, on a farm in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. She said, "I lived in an old-fashioned house - open fires and a lot of brothers and sisters - and horses and trees."
  • She started drawing early in life, and when she was 10 years old she made up her mind to be an artist.
  • She studied and taught art for a long time.
  • She married a photographer, Alfred Stieglitz (STEE-glitz). He supported her in her artistic career, and photographed her hundreds of times.
  • When she reached her 80's she had to stop painting. She dreamed of living to 100, but died March 1986 at 98 years of age.

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else. Most people in the city rush around so, they have no time to look at a flower. I want them to see it whether they want to or not.”

Her Technique

  • Georgia O'Keeffe's favorite technique was to monumentalize small objects, like flowers.
  • She did this by changing the scale of the flowers, as well as by enlarging and cropping their form so that they would fill up her large canvases.
  • Her work compels us to study and appreciate the form and color of flowers.

“I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.”