Birth and Pregnancy

By: Brandon Mendoza

1st Trimester

For baby:

Head is 1/3 of embryo.

Heart begins to beat.

Has a small tail.

Arms have paw-like hands.

At the end of the first trimester s/he is one ounce.

For mother:

Has heart burn.

Increase of urination.

She feels dizzy.

She is fatigue.

She also feels tender.

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2nd Trimester

For baby:

Hair begins to grow.

Movements can now be felt.

Nails form.

Muscles get stronger.

Can open and close eyelids.

For mother:

Larger breasts.

Stretch marks.

Vaginal discharge.

Bladder infections.

Braxton hicks contractions.

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3rd Trimester

For baby:

Begins to grow fat.

Internal organs still develope.

Has fair chance of survival.

Fatty layer complete.

6-8 pounds.

For mother:

Heart burn.


Strange dreams.

Ab pain.

Less fetal movement.

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A list of Do's and Don't.


See your doctor regularly.

Continue taking folic acid.

Eat a variety of healthy foods.

Do excersice unless told not to.

Drink plenty of water.


Smoke when your pregnant.

Drink alcoholic beverages.

Take x-rays.

Stress out a lot.

Eat fish that are high in mercury.

The father or partner could help by cooking, carrying heavy shopping, talking to her, make her feel happy, keep her company.

The three stages of birth.

Stage 1: Dilation

Cervix opens to 10 centimeters.

Water breaks.

Mucus plug comes out.


Crowning happens.

Also longest stage.

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Stage 2: Labor

The baby is born.

Baby can be born 2 ways, by c-section or vaginally.

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Stage 3: After birth

Cut umbilical cord.

Placenta delivered.

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