7th Grade Band News

Week of February 15

A Note From Mrs. Gleason

Thank you for a great start to Semester 2. Students have done an awesome job adjusting to the new rehearsal and lesson schedule. We appreciate their flexibility AND adaptability. If your child ever accidentally misses a lesson just have them email their lesson teacher to see when they can make it up. Our goal in lessons the next few weeks will be to advance in our lesson books and continue our work on scales and fundamentals.

Top Ten Things To Know About The Hybrid Band Plan

  • 1. Band lessons will take place virtually when your child is at home.
  • 2. Some percussion lessons will take place in person during their band hour.
  • 3. Students coming for in-person learning do NOT need to bring their band instruments with them to school at this time. The one exception is percussionists, they should bring their stick bags to school on their band day.
  • 4. When students are at school they will participate in rhythm/ensemble activities using percussion instruments. Students will also be working on various composition/music activities on their chromebook.
  • 5. Students participating in band virtually either fulltime or on the days they are not at school will continue performing on their band instruments.
  • 6. Each student will be given their own set of drumsticks and bell mallets that they can keep in the band room. This, along with other mitigation efforts, will prevent the spreading of any germs.
  • 7. Students who are in more than one music will be rotating their classes on a weekly basis to ensure that they are able to participate in both music classes in person. For example they may have choir on their in person day and band on their virtual day in week 1. The next week they would have band on their in person day and choir on their virtual day.
  • 8. Weekly band lessons will continue on the current schedule.
  • 9. As a reminder, Dane County current mask mandate does not permit playing wind instruments (brass and woodwinds) indoors in schools. However, a new study is expected to be published soon and will provide more specific information for Dane County Public Health to review. Our hope is that with this new research, DHS and DPI will update mitigation requirements allowing us to return to in-person playing in band with appropriate mitigation measures in place. We will keep you posted!
  • 10. Have more questions? Please contact us or refer to the Prairie View Hybrid Updates that was emailed out on 2/14/21.
  • Second Semester Lesson Schedule (This week is a week 2)

    The new lesson schedule for second semester is attached. Students will receive one 15-minute lesson every other week. The change to an all day schedule has restricted our access to the students. We feel strongly that providing your child with individualized instruction is vital even if it means that we can only see them every other week.

    • Band lessons will only take place during band class or on Wednesday.
    • All students (except percussionists) have been scheduled for a lesson while they are virtual in order to be compliant with the Dane County Mask Mandate.
    • The top name in the box will have a lesson this week and the bottom name in each box will have a lesson next week. (Click the tabs at the bottom of the document to view this schedule in a "week 1/week 2" format)
    • We will send out weekly emails along with google calendar invitations to help students remember when they have a lesson.
    • Zoom links for Mrs. Gleason and Mr. Quaglieri are found at the bottom of this schedule. Both zoom links can also be found in google classroom under the classwork tab.

    Wind Symphony Audition Information

    For those that are interested in auditioning for Wind Symphony next year, please watch this informational video from Mr. Melrose and Mrs. Diallo. Wind Symphony Auditions will take place on Wed. March 17. Sign up for an audition at this link. Instructions for signing up for an audition time along with the audition requirements are outlined in the video. If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. Gleason.

    Information From Previous Newsletters

    Infinite Campus Instrument Rental Fees

    If you are renting an instrument from school (school instruments have PV followed by a serial number written on the outside of the case), please check infinite campus to verify that you have paid the $50 school instrument rental fee. Log into your infinite campus parent portal here. If you have questions about logging into your infinite campus parent portal or paying fees, please contact Debbie Newton @ 608-834-7851 dkwiedn@sunprairieschools.org

    Used Instrument Marketplace

    Ward Brodt has created a FANTASTIC new service - a Used Instrument Marketplace. This portion of their website will contain quality used instruments they have for sale. This is a terrific new option for band families. All of the instruments have been inspected and adjusted by the repair staff at Ward Brodt and come with a 1-year maintenance agreement. In fact, they are offering 10% off used instruments from Feb 8-22.

    You will see many options on the website. We really like Yamaha instruments, but feel free to reach out to us for specific advice.


    We would love to share a picture of your student and their SP Band yard sign on our social media channels. If you have a photo to share, please send them along to Mr. Quaglieri or Mrs. Gleason.

    Major thank you to our Band Booster parent organization for funding and supporting this effort. It has been so incredible to drive around town and see the visual representation of our local music community while we are physically distanced!

    Virtual Private Lessons Available

    For students that are interested in taking private lessons for enrichment and extra help from a professional musician, please consider reaching out to our list of fantastic professional musicians. These are a group of people that are connected to Sun Prairie in various ways - some are alumni! Whether you participated in last year's "Band Lesson Academy" or you are looking for more - please check out this fantastic resource! To start lessons with any of these teachers, simply email them requesting a lesson time. Payment will be done between you and the teacher directly. Click Here to find a teacher:


    Ordering Supplies from Ward Brodt

    If you are ordering supplies from Ward Brodt you can visit their website at https://wardbrodt.com/t-schoolacclist.aspx or call them at 608-661-8600. Order what you need and then at check out you can choose school delivery under the shipping section. Your supplies will be delivered to Prairie View and we will make sure you get them. If you are unsure what kind of reeds/valve oil/slide grease to purchase, I have attached a list of recommended supplies to this newsletter. If you are unable to order supplies from Ward Brodt, please contact Mrs. Gleason and she will make sure you receive all the supplies you need. You can also contact Mrs. Gleason with any questions.

    The Best Is Yet To Come!

    SP Band Highlights

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    Please feel free to contact Mrs. Gleason or Mr. Quaglieri with any questions or concerns!

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