Kelsey Riner

About oceanographers

If you enjoy the sea life this job is perfect for you because you spend lots of time there. If we are working by the sea we may be living in cramped places and may occasionally have to dive and know how which takes physical strength.

We work privately or through the government or teach a class like at college.

While we may enjoy our job we may get a little home sick and not see family as much as we would like to. This is in the Life branch of science, you need to know about biology and living creatures to do this job.

Education Path

I could see myself doing this cause I love the sea and was always fascinated by the things that grow and live in the sea and think it would be fun to examine them but it would be hard to see and spend time with friends and family a lot.

In high school helpful classes would be Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics and Probability. In college I need a degree in Aquatic Biology and Limnology. These majors study the ecology and behavior of living things in inland freshwaters. It studies the living creatures in bodies of water and how they live and survive.

To go to this college I need

Average GPA is 3.17

ACT: 20:23

Sat: 960:1099

St. Cloud state university in St.Cloud MN in an urban area. I chose this college cause it is nearby and I have relatives in Minnesota and it seems like a good school with lots of achievements. It is a public 4 year university

Student to faculty ration: 19:1

Class size of 28


It will be hard in Wisconsin to find a job because they're are few openings with hard competition for the spot but nationally it will be easy with many openings and opportunities. With few spots in WI it isn't very common.

Employer: Orbital Technologies Corporation in Madison is one employer near by where I could work Salary : $41,300-$109,080 a year. Average is $65,750



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