Naturol Disaster-Avalanche In Nepal

By: Mika D, Nir H, Gili S, Gilad R

when And How It's Hapend And What Are The Damage?

On October 15 2014, a snowstorm attacked the Anapurna range of the Himalayas mountains in Nepal. The snowstorm caused an avalanche that happend in the Around Anapurna Track, killed 43 peoples, 4 of them Israelis, injured 175 an d caused 50 misisngs!

The weather was supposed to be nice, but when the snowstorm has come to this area from East India, the travelers were surprised. The storm started from a cyclone called HudHud. Because of the cyclone the snow height was almost 1.8 metres, and that was the reason for the avalanche.

After the disaster was known, rescue operations began. In 4 days, about 500 travelers were in a safe place, and slowly the bodies were discoverd. Travelers that were not injured, tried to save themselves and helped each other, but some of them did not stand the way in the cold, and died. On October 19, the government of Nepal have said there is no more hope of finding survivors.

Yoav Bender, a 28 years old treveler that went to the "Around Annapurna" track told on a phone call from Fukra to Israel that he and his friends escaped the disaster by the fact that they choosed to go on a side track insted of going to the main one. Bender said: "For our luck, we have diceded to go to Tilicho lake. At night the strom started and we went back to the town that lands 2 days walk from the mountain. In the next morning a huge storm started, we woke up with 1 meter hight snow, and in the next day it was a meter and a half. The europians that were with us told us that we should go because the Nepalians opened a road and we should 'catch' it when the snow is still soft".

Bender said that the road was very hard. "I got snow burns in my eyes and cold burns in my legs". Eventually, Bender was rescued with others in a helicopter.

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Thanks to: Mako, Ynet. Walla, pictures from Google, Wikipedia, 1חרדים