The Atomic Bomb

The Atomic Bomb By: Alex Reyes Academic #1

Have you ever wondered what the US did and how they made the atomic bomb? The atomic bomb was a destructive and powerful weapon of nuclear energy. This bomb was used at the end of WWII, by the United States. It was first made in 1945. The atomic bomb was used to defeat Japan and end the war.

Do you know how the atomic bomb was used? The atomic bomb was used for a weapon,and advantage for the US in war or battle.For example the meaning of advantage is a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or super position. The atomic bomb was a major important piece in WWII for the US because that was their victory,and if we didn't invent it the atomic bomb would have never existed and Japan could've won WWII. Did you know that exist means live,especially under adverse conditions. Basically the atomic bomb was a advantage and a win,win for both US and UK.

Have you ever wondered that a atomic bomb is? An atomic bomb is a release of nuclear energy and fission causing damage such as heat,blast radius,and radioactivity. A atomic bomb is also a weapon the US used to win and achieve victory by defeating Japan. So, the atomic bomb is not only a weapon, its a key to a door. And that is what and how the atomic is.