CvMS Media Center Highlights

January 2014

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen...

During the month of January, the sixth grade social studies teachers, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Renfrow, and Ms. Warren, had their students complete a project on the various religions they had been studying. Mrs. Whitaker and Mrs. Cravens collaborated with these teachers and together introduced all sixth graders (16 Language Arts classes) to the Big6 Research Method. The media coordinators taught 14 classes of social studies students how to research using the modern-day research tools called WebPath Express and OneSearch, accessible through the Destiny catalog. Students used the Chromebooks to complete this task, followed the Big6 Research Method, and used great tools to locate appropriate, relevant information. Overall, the collaboration was a success, and students did a great job.

1st Technology Wednesday

2014 has started off on the right foot for CvMS faculty who attended the first Technology Wednesday hosted by computer teacher, Mr. Vines, and the media coordinators, Mrs. Cravens and Mrs. Whitaker. Mr. Vines introduced the seven faculty members to multiple interactive Web 2.0 tools including the following:




Mrs. Whitaker and Mrs. Cravens introduced teachers to Webpath Express and Onesearch. Webpath Express is an educational search tool providing students and teachers the ability to search for a topic and retrieve age appropriate, relevant, and reliable websites. This tool integrates more than 85,000 sites into the Destiny library catalog and encourages students to do more than "google" resources. Teachers can search a topic, find resources, and add the selected resources to a list for students to publicly access during instructional time or from the teacher's website.

Onesearch is also integrated with the Destiny catalog; it organizes research databases so students and teachers can quickly search, view, and utilize library resources, databases, and subscriptions. This tool promotes information literacy skills and prepares students to search effectively and efficiently. Teachers can also add these resources to a particular list for students to access publicly.

Both Webpath Express and Onesearch allows students to save resources to their personal lists and can generate a citation list for the resources used. Teachers, if you missed the Technology Wednesday, the media coordinators are happy to assist you in learning more about these modern-day research tools.

What's Really Happening in the Library?


~Please keep in mind that our media center was closed several days because of the holiday, workdays, and snow days...we missed our students!

  • Total Circulation: 2611 books and other resources
  • Nonfiction: 935 nonfiction books
  • Fiction: 1065 fiction books
  • Class Novels: 577 class set novels
  • Spanish Books: 11 spanish books
  • Open Access: 133 students visited the media center independently to check out books, use computers, or take a test
  • 46 language arts classes taught by media coordinators


*There were 13 school days in January.

  • Computer lab booked 36 times
  • 8 Chromebook carts reserved 110 times

Extra! Extra!

The media coordinators also keep busy performing the following tasks:

  • Troubleshooting technology i.e. projectors, computers, chromebooks,
  • Demonstrating how to access Follett Shelf eBooks and Destiny Library Manager tools
  • Setting up teacher DVDs/Videos for classroom viewings on the Bogen
  • Decorating displays
  • Locating materials for students and teachers
  • Attending professional development activities
  • Preparing for Book Fair
  • Coaching Battle of the Books team
  • Teaching Student Media Helpers
  • Ordering, covering, and cataloging new books and materials
  • Interlibrary loan: Borrowing from media coordinators in the county and allowing them to borrow from our collection