Avid Fall Exam Reflection

Alyssa Carter, 1/11/16 7th Grade

Cornell notes

Cornell notes helped me this semester by helping me study. Cornell notes make it easier to study because i can just read the summary and i know what i need to study for. Cornell notes have been helping me since the fist day of school i know how to take Cornell notes way better then i did the first week of school i have improved a lot since then.


The TRF has helped me a lot during this semester. It has helped me on a lot of work that i did not understand and its a big part of tutorials and that has kept me prepared for tutorials and understand my work. Math was the number one subject that i needed help in and so when i did my TRF i started to understand more because it requires me to actually work out the problem. That is how the TRF has helped me in math this semester.


Tutorials has helped me this semester by, getting better grades than last year and mostly math. I struggle a lot in math and when i do tutorials my group helps me with that. My group looks over my work and they tell me my mistakes and i can ask them for help on anything and they will help me. Tutorials helped me this semester a lot on work that i need help with.


Organization was probably the most helpful thing this semester. Organization helped me keep my binder clean so i don't loose papers. Organization also helped me get my homework done by keeping a separate folder for my homework. If i didn't have that folder or if my binder was not organized, my grades would not be as good as they are right now . That is how organization has helped me this semester.

Public Speaking

Public speaking has helped me a lot this semester. I am not as scared to go up in front of the class and talk. I think this helped me speak up instead of being so quiet . Public speaking helped me this semester by making me less scared and going up for a preservation.

Learning logs

The learning log has helped me this semester in AVID. The learning log has me explain what I learned for the week .I keep my learning logs so i remember what i did and take me to my Cornell notes so i can study. That's how the learning log has helped me this semester.