David Ho

The Life of David Ho.

David Ho's Character

I selected David Ho because he is reliable and telling the honest about his work and life.


David Ho has accomplished a lot in his life. His greatest accomplishments are influencing the understanding, investigating the treatment of HIV and AIDS worldwide to help those in need.


Values of David Ho

The people appreciate the work of David Ho and the way he worked so hard to become who he is and what he accomplished to find a treatment for HIV.


David Ho and his team are a good mentor for young people because David Ho releases information about how HIV/AIDS work and how they can be treated. David Ho tells the young people to try to get help if they do have HIV/AIDS.

Personal Life

David Ho has been fun of in his early years for not speaking or knowing any kind of english and got put down every chance he tried to do something. David Ho did the right thing and do the rules that people have given him to follow. He shared his knowledge with what he knows about HIV/AIDS to the world and he stayed informed with what he was doing in Medical school.