The Moon and Tide Phrases

By Brooke,Nathan, Jordyn and Aiden


The moon has 4 different phases,  a full moon ,  a half moon , 1st quarter moon,  and 3rd quarter moon .Our solar system is made up of the sun ,nine planets and there moons, asteroides ,and comets. The moon has rocks. There is no gravity in space. Also peoles footprints don't  go away.  


High tides and low tides happen two times a day.There is  about 12 hours and 25 mintues between two high tides.There are high tides,low tides and mid tides.There are two mid tides each day.Tides can be useful because when the water is clean we have somthing to drink.Low tides are when the tides come out to the sea shore.  
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How the tides and moon are alike

They are both helpful because the tides give you somthing to drink and the moon helps you go to sleep. 

If we Don't Have a Moon

If we don't  have a moon that would probably be bad.It would always be day time.It would never be night time. We would probably NOT even have a flag on the moon,when people place a flag there when they get there.It is to show if you got to the moon.
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