Cougar Chronicles

December 7-11; V3,i18

This Week Includes...

~See the calendar for this week's events.

  • Monday is STEAM Academy for AIG students in grades 3-5; Be sure to submit guided reading data/grades to homeroom teachers
  • Tuesday- interim reports are to go home in THT for ALL grades; Make up Picture Day for STAFF, too, if you didn't get your yearbook picture taken
  • Wednesday- Fire Drill; Guidance luncheon with a few students and community
  • Thursday- Faculty Meeting- we want EVERYONE to be here
  • Friday- the 7th day of Christmas. Please bring your favorite snack to share with others. These snacks will be set up in guidance office during lunch times for all staff members. Bring something you Love for Snack Share:-)

~Save the date for the Holiday Concert- December 17 is the date. All of us should be there to support our students.

~ 12 days of Christmas

Monday is the Third Day of Christmas. Be sure to partake!!!!

And on the Third Day of Christmas your school gave to you

Lovely cakes to keep you sweet all day!

~Grade 4: Don't forget to send home the Read to Achieve notices for the transition students this week in THT. See your grade chair for copies.

~All grades: Don't forget to be keeping a log of MTSS/RTI interventions. Here are some ideas you can think about when planning the enrichment/intervention time. Hopefully, you can do this time when ESL students are being pulled from your classrooms. Included in this folder are ideas of how to handle this time, ideas for interventions, and ways to document the interventions.

~How are you and your teaching buddy connecting these days? Are you teaming up on any activities between subject areas/grade levels to engage your students in this partnership? If so, please share some things you have gotten out of this partnership between teachers on this spreadsheet. THANK you for embracing this way of us staying in touch with each other in the busy and hectic time of year and such a busy profession!