The Usher House

asking price $8,000

The land around the house is beautiful. It has a mote that is smug and sick looking the water holds an abundants of mutants fish. The plant life around the house is all dead and decaying. The house its self has wonderful cracks and looks lonesome and gloomy. The house is also haunted with the soles that once lived there. If you are careless they might just come kill you! The history of this historic house is that of pure joy. The last owner of the house was said to have gone mad because of a curse that was set upon his family. Later a friend of his reported that the last Usher had died of a violent attack from the corps of his dead sister.

for sale for only $8,000

I'm sure that this is the house for anyone! It even has dead people buried in the basement! this is not a deal to miss out on so come down and see for yourself just how wonderful this house truly is. You must hurry though because many want to bye this marvel of a home.

"The fall of the House of Usher" was a story inspired by the house. The story its self was written by an Edgar Allan Poe who is known for his great short stories.

The Usher house is an amasing house that can be enjoyed for generations to come