Running a webinar as an expert

Top 10 tips


1) Prepare thouroghly (keep it short and simple) :

  • Timetable of the event
  • Presentations, videos you intend to use
  • Presentation of the guests with pictures
  • webinar back-ups (if technical problems arise)
  • Pages with links, guests résumé, contacts (That has to be online several days before the webinar and stay online after)
  • Forum page (for participants to be able to react to the webinar and to ask questions)
  • Ask yourself if the event is serving your objectives.

2) Technical check

  • Check the technological sources, headsets, microphones, camera…
  • Check the compatibility of the different softwares when mixted.

3) 20 minutes before the start

  • Check the access of the back-up documents, audio sources, etc.
  • Check your notes and the timetable.
  • Make a last technical test. (Keep technicians phone number at hand.)


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4) Introduction to the webinar

  • Welcome the participants
  • Present the speakers
  • Present the schedule of the webinar, including what will be online after (summary, links, seminar recording, Q & A forum ...)
  • Let a window with the schedule in view during all the session

5) Add subtitles

  • If you’re not English native and your webinar is in English, be kind to participants and double your voice with slides where the text (or a resumé) is written.
  • Illustrate your slides (if you find relevant graphics, videos or pictures) for participants to have images to memorize.

6) Use different tools

  • Vary the tools to avoid a sedative effect

7) Let's know about participants' feelings

  • Use online polls to be able to be more flexible and follow the needs of the participants

8) Work in team

One of you presents, while the other
  • Checks the equipment and connections
  • Reads the messages offline
  • Invites participants to talk
  • Checks polls
  • Has a look at the timetable
  • Keeps the speaker informed …

9) Closing the webinar

  • Thank the guests, the participants, the technicians
  • Invite participants to join the forum if they still have questions, interrogations or just want to go on about the topic after the webinar
  • Write the references on slides and tell what can be found online and where


10) Relax !

  • Unplug and relax !
  • Don’t forget though that you have to be active on the forum and to summarize the seminar.
  • Don't forget to check if all the promized links and sources are online

Photo credits : Pixabay, MET (Pierrot laughing, Nadar, Credit Line : Purchase The Horace W Goldsmith Foundation Gift through Joyce and Robert Menschel 1998