Kindergarten News

Ms. Quick's Class

February 19th, 2016

This week in Class...

Reading: This week we continued to work really hard on 4 new topics... silent e, when 2 vowels go walking, the letter y at the end of the word, and the bossy r. They have really gotten the silent e and the two vowels rules figured out...which is exciting because now when they see them in a word, they can decode the word without just guessing!

Writing: We continue to do writing prompts for writing. I worked on having the students write the words they knew or were on the word wall and then I called them over to use the ipad's dictations app to say the rest of what they wanted to write and then write it.

Math: We didn't get much time for math this week with all of our community helpers coming in. We will start Module 8 next week and some of the things we will be doing are... the commutative property of addition, thinking big and adding small, numbers that add to 10, and identifying and sorting 2D and 3D shapes.

Science: The students learned about community helpers this week. We want to give a special thank you shout out to everyone that came in and talked to the children about their job. The kids really enjoyed learning about all the jobs!

What's Coming up Next Week?

Next week's...

Letters: X

Sight words: all, do

Theme: FOSS

Other Important Reminders:

Monday 22nd: Our class will be featured on NBC15's School Shout out. It airs on channel 15 at 4:45am and 6:45am. It will also be put online and I will share that link in an email on Monday for those that would like to share with others or missed it.

Tuesday 23rd: Ms. Quick has a sub for a doctor's appointment

Thursday 25th: Early Release at 1pm and Parent-Teacher Conferences from 1-5. Notes were sent home for those that have times to come in.

Friday 26th: No School for students

I sent home a "Progress Report" with your child today. In it are just some of the things I am seeing in class and some things to continue working on at home. I included some games and/or worksheets that you can do with you child at home. When you finish them or the games get old, bring them back to school and I can swap them for something new. I know how important having resources is, so if you are ever in need or resources to work on at home, let me know!