Norwegian Immigrants

By: Hayden

What were some problems coming to America?

Giving away everything they had,leaving there families,getting through the boat ride and getting through Ellis island

Where did they Settle?

They settled in New York,Illinos,Wisconsin,Michigan,Iowa,Missouri,Minnesota and North Dakota

Here are some Pictures of Norwegian People,Houses and Immigrants

Some Traditions


St. Lucia's Day Dec-13 and Christmas Eve

The Reasons They Left

To Make A Better Living

Jobs they were Hoping for

Working at factory's,mills and farming

First Years in America

They came to America from 1825 to 1925

Other Interesting Information

There were about 800 to 900 Norwegians on a bout coming at a time,most Norwegians who came to America before 1900 were from southern Norway,if you are from Southern Norway and you went to Northern Norway you could change your name and the last thing is that the husband mostly came to America first and about 2 or 3 years later the rest of the family would come.
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