September 18th

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Dates to Know

Friday, September 23rd - MAP Scores + IAR Scores (4th/5th) sent home

Monday, October 3rd - PTO Meeting (7:00 pm)

Thursday, October 6th - 5th Grade Camp Duncan

Monday, October 10th - NO SCHOOL

Friday, October 14th - Track-a-Thon


I received an email from a former Carpenter Parent and neighbor who shared that people are blocking her driveway on Elm while parking (for drop-off and/or pick-up). So, it is prompting these reminders:

1. Please do not park and block any of our neighbor's driveways. (so you know, you also have to be 10 feet away from driveway when you park)

2. Please do not park at corners in NO PARKING ZONES. I understand it is convenient and you think you'll only be there a short time, but this is a SAFETY ISSUE and blocks sight lines.

3. Please do not park in the Kiss n Go area on Elm Street by the staff lot.

If you are not the person who drives/picks-up, please relay this message to friends/family members as well.

When it comes to safety and demonstrating RESPECT within our community, I will ask for follow-up from the Park Ridge Police Department if reported violations continue. I do know that this message may only be directed at a few individuals, but I feel it is important for our entire community to know that it is something we're addressing.

CoVid Communicating

This year, instead of sending out an email for CoVid cases, we will be updating a slide on our website. Please bookmark this page if interested in keeping tabs of our current cases and associated homerooms. I'll leave this in my weekly updates as well, but I'll gradually move this towards the bottom of the reading material.