Take Hugs, Not Drugs!

By: Justus Rosario

The Dangers of Drug/Tobacco Use


  • Causes heart rate and breathing to speed up; can become very jittery, shaky, and paranoid.
  • Examples of Stimulants: Ecstasy, Marijuana, Methamphetamine and steroids.


  • Causes drowsiness, relaxed muscles, slurred speech, confusion, poor concentration, and lowered heart rate.
  • Examples of Depressants: GHB and Barbiturates.


  • Causes slurred speech, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, loss of consciousness and brain damage.\
  • Examples of Inhalants: Household products like; Cleaning Supplies, Glues, Gasoline, Cooking Sprays, ETC.


  • Causes and Extreme addiction the first time used.
  • Examples of Legal Narcotics: Morphine, Demoral, Codeine, OxyContin and Vicodin.
  • Examples of Illegal Narcotics: Heroin and Opium.


  • Causes hallucinations, flashbacks and visual/auditory breakdowns.
  • Examples of Hallucinogens: PCP, LSD, Ketamine and certain kinds of mushrooms that grown from cow poop.
Faces of Meth