The Titan Ship The TITANIC

By: Austin Bryant

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The 1st classes get a huge room and a free balcony to look out at the open see and a ball room. 2nd class gets a medium sized room with a medium sized beds and some fancy objects. 3rd class has to sleep above the soothing engine that helps you go to sleep and you can still get a bed just not as big as 2nd or 1st class.


If we have an emergency which we won't we have multiple lifeboats and we will fill them fully and the Titanic is unsinkable unless 4 compartments get filled with water then we will fill the lifeboats fully and shoot of rockets to signal where we are and send SOS signals out to other ships so if we were to have an emergency we would be OK.
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We have a all you can eat buffet for everyone and we have a ball every single day at the middle of the boat where you can just talk with fellow crew mates and you can dance and finally eat food with everyone so it's going to be that one time where all classes can be together and if anyone disagrees then they don't have to go they can just stay in there room.