From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Priscillia Kiwayiele 3AS


Do you ever wonder where chocolate comes from? The journey of chocolate is waiting to be read.


Chocolate starts from a cocoa bean. Farmers spray the cocoa bean trees with insecticide and give them extra water. When the pods have turned a reddish-orange color the farmers use knives to cut them down. They split the pods open and remove the cocoa beans. The beans dry in the sun for a week. Then the beans are put into sacks and taken to factories.


The beans are roasted for about a week. After, the beans are done roasting they are transferred to a winnower that removes the shells of the beans and leaves the nibs. Next, the nibs are turned into a thick, rich paste called chocolate liquor. Then the chocolate liquor begins to smell like chocolate. Afterward, the chocolate is mixed with sugar, vanilla, and milk.The chocolate is poured into molds and wrapped. Finally, the chocolate is taken to the store.


When the chocolate arrives at the grocery store the chocolate is put on a shelf. People use chocolate for many different things , for example making recipes and they use it when making treats.

Fun Facts

Now that you see how chocolate is made, I think it is time to learn the fun facts. First, did you know that long ago people made drinks out of cocoa beans and named it ChocoLatl, which means warm liquid? Second, did you know long ago cocoa beans were used as money? Third, did you know chocolate is less likely to cause tooth decay?


Now that you know about the interesting journey of chocolate go get some chocolate and eat it!
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