Workshop: 'Brandthinking'

DSIL VC Session 5 | THURSDAY | 29 September @ 10pm Bangkok

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Featured Speaker: Anne Miltenburg, Founder, The Brandling

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*before the session*: 'The Climb'- a free tool to define your mission and vision. Give this a first try before we head into our session. As a person or as an organisation, we need to know what we want to be recognised for. What is the change that you want to bring, and how will you bring it?

Session Overview

This Virtual Classroom will cover an introduction to branding and how thinking like a brand can help you to increase your impact. Brand thinking is a process that helps you to clearly and compellingly define who you are, what you do and why it matters. It helps you to identify your main audiences, what you want them to think and feel about you, and how you can achieve that. Whether you are an intrapreneur working on your personal profile for the next step in your career, or an entrepreneur working on your organisational brand, you all have to be clear on what you want to be recognised for in order to get the support you need to accomplish your mission for change. Anne’s company the Brandling works with hundreds of changemakers across the world.

Accelerating Change through Branding | Anne Miltenburg | TEDxTilburgUniversity
Building a Personal Brand: Jacob Cass at TEDxCMU 2011
Brand Presence, Sustainability & Social Impact | UC Berkeley Executive Education

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Speaker Profiles

Anne Miltenburg, Founder, The Brandling

Anne Miltenburg (1981) is the founder of The Brandling; a creative agency on a mission to empower changemakers to create bigger impact through branding. She has lived and worked in places as diverse as Paris, Bamako, Seoul, Lusaka and Riyadh.

Besides her work as The Brandling, Anne is the founder of Designistan, which develops content, events and programs around design and creativity across the globe.

Before setting out on her own in 2012, Anne worked with several internationally renown agencies as a designer at Studio Dumbar, strategist at Lava, representative for Studio Dumbar to Korea and creative director at Interbrand.

She is currently faculty of the Amani Institute in Nairobi and a mentor to the Demeter Network, an entrepreneurs support network created to enable entrepreneurs to build successful businesses that create and share value in low-income countries.

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