Mastery Club News


Interim Reports

Interim reports will come home on Wednesday, November 9th with report cards. AIG has two semesters so students will get a report card 2nd quarter.

Mastery Club Projects!!!

Students have been working on their projects during the last part of class. They have really taken ownership of their learning. Please ask your child what mastery project they are working on. 4th grade has really taking the lead in this. Some projects are, Learning about Ireland, Researching the history of video game, learning French, learning the countries on the continent of Africa and many more.

5th Grade

Math- Beyond Base 10

We are nearing the end of our beyond base 10 unit. Students have worked very hard to gain an understanding of different base systems. They have also worked on converting from one base to another. Students will end this unit by creating a game in another base for others to play.

Reading- The arts, wherefore art thou!

4th Grade

Math- Math Quest

We are nearing the end of our Math Quest unit. We have worked on math problem solving strategies. So far the team 'The Animals' is in the lead. This team consist of Eamon, Caleb, and Miles. They have used their strategies to solve the most problems, but it's not over yet.

Reading- The Power of Literate People

We have learned about three causes for illiteracy. Please ask your child what these are. 1. Learning Disabilities 2. Social and Cultural Disadvantages 3. War and Gender. Students have read about people, like Malala, who have stood up for their right to education. We have also read about people who faced learning disabilities but overcame them.