April News



This month we continue our study of decimals. As we work with decimals, students have come to appreciate the relationship between decimals and fractions. Understanding how these topics intertwine is extremely important as they pursue advanced math topics.

Our decimal unit continues with the study of

  • thousandths - reading and writing 3-place decimal numbers
  • comparing and ordering numbers up to 3 decimal places as well as a mixture of decimals and fractions
  • expressing a decimal as a fraction in simplest form
  • rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, tenth or hundredth
  • at the end of the month we will begin to study the four operations of decimals

Of course, we will continue our daily mental math and word problems. And, as always, multiplication facts will be practiced.


Research writing becomes the focus of our writing this month. Students are learning that organization is key to successful research writing. Mini lessons will help students understand that note-taking is not the easy part of research writing. The notes they take must be written well enough that they are able to use these notes to explain their topic to someone else. Students will also work on organizing their notes into cohesive paragraphs using introductions and transitions.

They are very excited to share their writing with you at the State Fair!


Students are loving their independent reading books, and the daily IR check is something they always look forward to. Students continue to choose "just-right" books and are sharing their insights and reactions about our current read aloud openly with the group.

Using picture books and our current read aloud, Because of Mr. Terupt, the class is studying the elements of fiction. We begin the month meeting in book groups to chart the plot of picture books. Students will then use their realistic fiction books to create a "story mountain." A "story mountain" will be allow the students to chart the rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of their story.

Students are also exploring perspective. Using our read aloud, Because of Mr. Terupt, we are discussing how a situation can be seen from several points of view. There are many different narrators in this novel and all of them are seeing the same situation differently.

Social Studies

The State Fair approaches!

This month students will work on completing many of the components of the project. Students will use various sources to create a map of their state and to find the information needed to complete the projects. Students will then take this information to create a poem about their state, a bar graph of the 5 largest cities, a timeline, and a bio cube about a famous person from their state.

They are all very excited to share all their knowledge with you on May 16 from 10:00-11:30!

Upcoming events:

Friday, 4/19 - No school

Monday, 4/21 - No school

Thursday, 4/24 - 4th/5th grade show

Friday, 5/16 - State Fair 10:00-11:30

Monday, 5/19 - Field Day