3S Sensations

Week of 10.5.15

A Note From Ms. Salazar

Happy Friday!

We had another wonderful week in 3S!

Absent Monday

I am attending a wedding in upstate NY on Sunday and will not be in on Monday. Please send any notes to the office so that they may forward the messages.

Math Test Monday

Due to the assembly and an unplanned Fire Drill, we lost some math instruction time and had to push back our test. 3S will take their first math test on Monday. We finished reviewing concepts today and I sent home an extra review for each student. This is an optional activity. If students complete the review, they can check their work by comparing their answers to the Keys I posted on my Eboard under the "Math" tab. Students may also choose to review by going onto my Eboard games for Pictographs and Making Change.

Plants Projects are due next Friday, 10/16. If your child completes their project before the due date, they are welcome to bring it in early. Please remind students that they can check out my Eboard for resources. Also, please remind your child to practice his/her presentation. Students will be assessed on their projects as well as their delivery. For more information, please refer to the rubrics in the packet that went home. If you need another copy, it is it available on my Eboard.

Timed Facts Tests

Students completed their first timed tests this week and everybody passed their addition facts! We will move on to subtraction facts next week. These are undoubtedly more difficult. I appreciate you reminding your child to practice their facts at least 3-4 times per week.

Scarecrow Contest

3S will be participating in the Lizzy Haddon Scarecrow contest. The theme this year is "People in the Neighborhood". Some examples of this are a police officer, firefighter, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, teacher, postman, baker, chef, dancer, construction worker, grandparents, scouts, ball players, etc… All scarecrows will be raffled off at the Fall Fair. We haven't come up with a class theme yet but if you have any materials to donate, we would really appreciate them! Some ideas of things we could use:

  • pantyhose
  • felt
  • buttons
  • fake flowers
  • fabric
  • snack for kiddos outside

Kathy Ruffolo and I will be reaching out for some volunteers once we finalize a time. Thank you in advance!

Important Upcoming Dates

10/13: Salad Bar Lunch-Please note the date change

10/13: Parent Visitation, 9 AM- 11 AM**

10/14: Parent Visitation, 1 PM- 230 PM

10/15: Lizzy Eats At Zinburger Night, 4 PM-10 PM**

10/16: Individual Picture Day- The date on the town calendar is incorrect.

10/16: School Store, 1150 AM-1240 PM

10/16 5th Grade Band Buddies Football Game

10/18: 5th Grade BBQ, 430PM-630PM, Blacktop

10/22: Community Meeting, 145PM, APR

10/24: Fall Fair, 11 AM- 3 PM**

10/30: Halloween Parade and Class Parties, 1:45 PM, See Information Below

**For more information please check out Mr. Bissinger's Haddon E News

National Circus Project

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Writing Workshop

This week we wrapped up "rehearsing" and finally drafted our seed ideas. We learned how to "show" instead of "tell" and worked hard to make our stories come to life. Ask your child to tell you the skills they practiced in writing this week!

Creating Comics!

3S used the Bitstrips For Schools website to illustrate the 4 types of sentences:

Declarative-Statement .

Interrogative-Question ?

Exclamatory-Exclamations !

Imperative- Command .

We practiced reading sentences to reflect the punctuation marks. They had a blast!

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Readers' Theatre

Big image

Checking out his massive seed pods!

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Practicing our Pictograph Skills!