Talking about change

Change. :)

CHANGE is something that is not always seen or always heard.

Change is something that can also be felt.

Some people don’t experience change.
Change is not something that cant be taught but can be learnt by.

Not everyone changes.
People may change for personal reasons.

Or just in general.

People think that changes are good.

Some are bad.

Don’t go thinking that changes are a good thing for every situation.

People may dislike you for the more change.
But some might appreciate it.

Many people think that if they change life gets better.

Not all the time.

Not everyone's the same.

Don’t think that anyone is better then you.

Because in life.

Everyone is the same.

Some people find change difficult.

Some find it easy.

Not all the time.

Never think that you’re the only one.

You never are.

All I can say is……..
Don't change for anyone.