Cougar Press

Volume 1 Issue 5

Mrs K

Brody track 11/18/19 by Mrs K
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Affability Haiku by Jack

Always show kindness

Courtesy is always key


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Mrs K

Imperial March by Anthony by Mrs K

NBA Tivia by Cameron

  1. What NBA team has the most championships?

  1. Chicago Bulls

  2. Los Angeles Lakers

  3. Golden Warriors

  4. Boston Celtics

2. Which NBA players have the nickname (Splash Brothers)?

  1. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson

  2. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

  3. Russell Westbrook and James Harden

  4. Damian Lillard and CJ Mccollum

3. Which one of these players came was not born in the USA?

  1. Kyrie Irving

  2. Blake Griffin

  3. Ben Simmons

  4. Kyle Lowry

4. What Country has won the Olympic medals in basketball?

  1. Canada

  2. USA

  3. Australia

  4. Spain

5. What NBA legend won 6 championships from 1991-1998?

  1. Lebron James

  2. Kevin Durant

  3. Michael Jordan

  4. Magic Johnson

6. What NBA team was the newest to win their first championship?

  1. Detroit Pistons

  2. Houston Rockets

  3. Denver Nuggets

  4. Toronto Raptors

7. Which team set a record for the least amount of wins in a season?

  1. Seattle Supersonics (Currently Oklahoma City Thunder)

  2. Charlotte Bobcats (Currently Charlotte Hornets)

  3. Washington Bullets (Currently Washington Wizards)

  4. Philadelphia 76ers

8. Which of these NBA teams have not won an NBA finals?

  1. Denver Nuggets

  2. Miami Heat

  3. Milwaukee Bucks

  4. Atlanta Hawks

9. Which NBA team won 12 championships from 1957-1970?

  1. San Antonio Spurs

  2. Los Angeles Lakers

  3. Boston Celtics

  4. New York Knicks

10. What NBA team has not made the playoffs in 6 years?

  1. Los Angeles Clippers

  2. Memphis Grizzlies

  3. New York Knicks

  4. Indiana Pacers

11. Who was the NBA MVP last year?

  1. James Harden

  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

  3. Kevin Durant

  4. Lebron James

12. The NBA is cracking down on …

  1. Traveling

  2. Flopping

  3. Rood fan chants

  4. All of the above

Answers in the next issue of Cougar Press

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Pink by Andy

Pink looks very colorful.

Pink smells like bubble gum that you chew in your mouth.

Pink taste like cotton candy that you eat.

Pink sounds like a pig snoring in a farm.

Pink feels like wax on your crayon.

A Majestic Rainbow Mural by Sam

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Animals by Eva

I am a zookeeper,

First, I take care of the fish.

At night, I clean their cages,

And give them their food dish.

It was time to go home,

The time of day was night.

I went outside,

It was very bright.

Therefore, I went home,

I was snuggled very tight.

And outside it was still,

Very, very bright.

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Rocketships by Sam

Maroon by Harper

Maroon looks like a crayon drawing on paper

Maroon tastes like an eggplant

Maroon smells like wax

Maroon feels like a fuzzy peach cut up

Maroon sounds like a fox making tracks in the snow

Maroon looks like a hot air balloon

Maroon tastes like a fish

Maroon smells like coral
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Thanksgiving Meme by Alex P

The Weather by Alex P

The weather outside is not very fun.

It is wet and mucky

Nobody likes it so please go away

It makes nobody happy

Why is it here

It makes us all sad

Honestly, it should just disappear

It looks like food

It’s actually kinda good

But not for playing

Awesome Saturday by Keith, Jack, Brody, Skylar, and Joey

It all started at are basketball game the final score was 33 to 18

Then Keith and Brody went to potbelly it was Brody’s first time there. They have the best milkshake place Keith likes, besides Culver’s, and their grilled cheese is really good. So for lunch me and Brody got a grilled cheese, doritos and a milkshake. Brody got the same, and then Keith and Brody went to Adam’s game.

Keith and Brody went and watched the game before Adam’s game waiting for Joey and Jack. When their game finally ended and Adam’s started they came over. We started by playing football (Jackpot) and then we played wall ball but then Brody got it stuck on the ceiling so Joey used a soccer ball to get it down. Then some person that worked there said no bouncing balls, which is what the sign said. We went outside with the football than we went back inside and sat on a bench and talked with Leo ( Leo is a kid from IHM) and then Ben came and we talked with Ben and then we went to watch Adam’s game. Then some girls from the school stole are spots and thought we were in third grade, so we told them we were in sixth grade. They asked other people if we were in sixth grade until they finally believed us and they said they were in seventh grade, but we don't believe them. Keith went to his parents and grabbed his little brother Paul and showed him to everyone and then Anthony came and Keith showed him to Anthony and then Keith gave Paul back to his parents and then we went to the car saying bye to Anthony and Ben.

Then we went to Keith’s house and then Keith gave Joey a tour. During the tour in the basement I heard someone coming down and it was Skylar, and he said we should play pool, so we did for 1 minute until we got bored. We went outside and saw Adam, Charlie, and Will. Then we asked them if they wanted to play capture the flag but they said no. but we wouldn’t give up so we said we will play 1 round of lightning they said no then we said 2 rounds of lightning and they said yes. So we played that then capture the flag. Then we went inside and played battlefront ll a Star Wars video game it was fun and we drank Fresca

The pizza arrived. The sound of sixteen footsteps shook the house. The kitchen was filled with the smell of melted cheese and greese. The pizza was from a place called Paradise pizza (not as good as JTs). They had an assortment of various pizzas, there was even a pizza called Tsunami pizza which contained the weirdest toppings such as ranch and pineapple, etc.

Turquoise by Logan

Turquoise looks like the ocean waves moving

Turquoise sounds like waves crashing against the sand

Turquoise smells like the beach on a sunny day

Turquoise feels like a bunch of coral in a reef

Turquoise tastes like Jelly Bellies

Turquoise feels like scales on an eel

Turquoise looks like the rug you sit on

Turquoise tastes like a blueberry

Turquoise smells like a boat ride

Turquoise feels like a submarine

Six Thanksgiving Myths by Emma

  • Americans have always ate Turkey at Thanksgiving

  • Thanksgiving was celebrated as a Thanksgiving festival (it was actually a Harvest Festival)

  • Thanksgiving was a Family Oriented Holiday

  • Thanksgiving was celebrated as an annual holiday (After the first celebration, it wasn’t celebrated for another decade)

  • Thanksgiving was celebrated by the pilgrims (At this time the pilgrims didn’t call themselves pilgrims, they were called saints)

  • Pilgrims wore all black, funny hats, and buckles on their shoes (This idea wasn’t declared until the 1800’s when a painting demonstrating this idea became famous)