Civil War

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The Start of The War

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the deadliest battles of the Civil War. Over 30,000 men died making it the wurst battle of the Civil War. But we got to go the where it all started in the battle even though no one died it was the start of the Civil War Fort Sumter was where it all started...
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After the Initial War of Fort Sumter.

Fort Donelson lost 17,000 men when Ulysses. s. Grant saveed the fort he was promoted to Major But before we get to the end lets start from the beginning of the battle. Ulysses. s. Grant. made his way a cross the country but when he stopped at a fort he had taken over be they where attacked by the confederate the battle lasted for hour on end but the confederate fell back well the one that where left that is. The fort had taken little to on damage they where very lucky that Ulysses. S. Grant was the because if he was not there they probably would have lost the fort.

The Battle of Bull Run

The first major land battle was bull run. Over 4,000 men died at the battle of bull run. This battle was led by Gen. Irwin McDowell walked from Washington to the confederate army.