The 5 Foundations

By: Nolan, Joe, Naquian, Zola


  • Emergency Fund
  • Get Out Of Debt
  • Pay Cash For Your Car
  • Pay Cash For College
  • Build Wealth And Give

Emergency Fund

The first foundation is save 500 dollars for an emergency only. Also there will be money in your bank account, so if you're ever in trouble you will at least have 500 dollars.

Get Out Of Debt

The way that you will stay out of debt is by not using a credit card. You will just pay with cash to stay out debt.

Pay Cash For Car

The way you should pay for a car is that you use cash and not a credit card. the reason you shouldn't use a credit card is you will pay more. So just pay cash and get a used car for a little and save for a better car.

Pay Cash For College

The way you should pay for college is by using cash and not by a credit card. The reason you should use cash is because the banks can't keep taking money and paying bills for college, so always use cash.

Build Wealth and Give

The way you would build wealth is by spending your money wisely and not just spending it right off the bat when you get it. Also invest it and put it in the bank so that your money will grow over time.