Steam Club After School Sign Up

Please read carefully

STEAM Club starts September 19th at 3:05 PM

We are "Full Steam Ahead" for our STEAM Club on Thursday. We just want to make sure all children participating in the after school portion of the club are accounted for. If your child regularly attends CARE please have them check in with Miss Shawna before heading down to the MPR for STEAM Club check in. If they usually go home on the bus or are picked up after school, please be aware that they need to come directly to the MPR for STEAM Club check in. If someone other than their normal guardian plans on picking them up, a note must be sent to the office clearly stating these plans. We want to make sure that everyone is safe and sound and has plenty of fun. Thank you again for participating in the STEAM CLub program.

______________________________________________________________CUT HERE

My son/daughter _____________________________________________________ plans on attending STEAM club on September 19th from 3:05 to 4:00 PM.


I plan on pick up my child at 4:OO PM

My child needs to be escorted to the CARE Building.

My child will go home with _____________________________. I have sent a note to my child's teacher and to the office.

Please send this form to the office by September 19th.