Third Grade Newsletter

February 1st - February 5th

What are we learning the week of February 1st - 5th

Writing and Grammar

-Grammar Chats


-Expository Writing: "Why is littering not a good thing"


- Context Clues

-Comprehension Activities



Social Studies

-Continue researching over historical/contemporary figure



-What is a polygon?

-Shape attributes

CCE Third Grade Museum of Historical and Contemporary Figures

Third Grade

Materials for Historical and Contemporary Figure Artifacts

As the historical, and contemporary, figure project will be approaching soon. We need your help in providing some materials, that will help the learners build their artifacts. Third grade will be sharing these supplies. Thank you for your support.​


CCE 5th graders will once again be selling Valograms. A Valograms is a paper Valentine with a small piece of candy attached. The kids love to send them to each other, siblings, teachers, and office staff!

  • Valograms are 25 cents each and will be sold in the cafeteria before school February 4th - 10th from 7:30-7:50 am.

Valentine's Day Party

At Cottonwood each class will have a Valentine's Day party. It will be held on Friday, February 12th at 2:00 in your child's classroom. Parents are welcome to attend. Each learner will need a Valentine's box. Feel free to start decorating these at home, however, we would appreciate it if you did not have your child bring them until February 10th due to lack of space in the classroom.

Also, each teacher will be sending home a class list with the total amount of student and their names!

Historical Figures Museum

We are so excited to begin exploring historical & contemporary figures with your child! In this upcoming unit, your child will begin researching/learning about specific individuals and then take on the role of a "docent" in order to showcase their knowledge not only to the school but to you as well.

In order to make this a success, we ask you to please mark your calendars for Cottonwood's Open House on Thursday, March 10th. This exciting night will begin at 5:00, and it is mandatory that your child arrive at that time to participate in the "gallery". This will occur for about 20 minutes, and then we encourage you and your child to focus on other projects for the remainder of the evening.

This project will be introduced to all third graders next week, but we wanted you to have advance notice for scheduling purposes.

Open House

Thursday, March 10th, 5pm

615 Minyard Drive

Coppell, TX

February Birthdays


Josh- February 2nd

Jace- February 8th

Trevor- February 13th




Faith- February 18th




Sydney- February 8th

Rachel- February 11th

Reagan- February 21st

Yuli- February 24th

Global Day of Play

On February 3rd, it is global day of play.

Our school is celebrating on Friday, February 12th. Each classroom will be having an hour of play time to celebrate this day!