A Guide to Being Awesome: The Club

FDMS student club focused on changing the world

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About the Club

The foundation of this club will be grounded in the work of Robby Novak, aka...Kid President. The overall goal will be to embrace and live the message of Robby that "Life is too short not to be awesome. We will watch videos, read passages, view images, create projects, and attempt to accomplish several of the activities from his book Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome.

The club will use the book and the videos to encourage students to bring joy, kindness, creativity, and positive energy into their lives, their school, and their community

Guide To Being Awesome begins...

Tuesday, Jan. 19th 2016 at 3:45pm

Fort Dodge Middle School

Guide to Being Awesome club will be each Tuesday and Thursday for 10 weeks during January through March. It will be in one of the Pods with access to chromebooks and a proxima.

Tentative Agenda for Each Meeting

3:45 - Checklist of 100 Awesome Ideas reading selection

4:00 - Awesome Project Activity Work Creation

4:30 - Give the World a Reason to Dance (dance break)

4:35 - Video/Go out and Change the World Challenge/Homework

4:45 - Leave to Make the World More Awesome!

Meetings subject to change based on reading, challenge, and project...

Who is Kid President?

Robby Novak, also known as Kid President, is an 11-year old boy from Tennessee. He and his brother-in-law, Brad Montague, teamed up with the media company SoulPancake to create amazing internet videos that entertain, educate, and, most important, inspire. Robby, who suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta (also known as “brittle bone disease”), has endured 13 surgeries and 70 broken bones. Yet Robby shares joy, laughter, and encouragement with millions of viewers. He wants to inspire others to change the world through joy and kindness. The positive energy he exudes will motivate others to be awesome and make the world an awesome place.
Kid President - How To Change The World (a work in progress)

Awesome Inspiration Project

Read portions of Guide to Being Awesome about pep talks and watch The World Needs a Pep Talk video. Conversations. What inspires us? What inspires those around us? Who is inspirations? What are messages of inspiration we can send?

Project Ideas - Create a Pep Talk for others/Create Inspiration messages for others/reflect and showcase someone or something that inspires us

Awesome "Let Your Heroes Know They are Your Heroes" Project

Kid President writes about a variety of influential people. Some are famous, such as Nick Hornby (p. 117) and Josh Groban (p. 118), and others are not famous, including Christian Bucks (p. 120), Vivienne Harr (p. 168), and Jeff Shinabarger (p. 169). Kid President suggests, “Let your heroes know they are your heroes.”

Students will choose someone in their lives, school, or community that they think are "awesome" and create something about that said person. Students will get information/quotes from others about that person, photos, and information, and present their reasoning as to how and why that person is influential to them...Almost like little documentaries about ordinary heroes.

Awesome "Things We Should Say More Often" Project

Our words have an incredible impact on others. Kid President understands this and encourages others to change the world with what we say to one another. We will watch his video, 20 Things We Should Say More Often and read his list. Then students will develop their own list of things we should say more often and work at incorporating those sayings into their everyday routine.

Awesome "Ongoing/Extension" Projects

Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome provides so many opportunities to do great things it is hard to pick just a few. In addition to the larger projects we will create above, we will attempt to tackle a few smaller, just as meaningful, projects along the way. Some of those may include:

Writing cards and letters and mailing them!

Creating high fives and high five-ing everyone we encounter

Answering the statement "The World would be better if _____________________."

meow the lyrics to our favorite songs

Kid President - Guide To Being A Party

Funding the Project (rough estimates)

Several Guide Books for Students - $150

Envelopes and Postage - $100

Random equipment and Supplies - $100

Itunes Song Purchases - $20

Video/Digital Media platforms subscriptions - $100

Who's In

Group of 20 MS school students eager to work together, be inspired, and answer the questions the creators of Kid President asked..."Would anyone hear a happy, small voice over the louder, older ones?" (or a smaller select group depending on the advice of those more familiar with the MS demographics...)