Osteoporosis, are you at risk?

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The low-down on Osteoporosis and all that you need to know:

Throughout your life, your body progressively and healthily loses old bone to form new bone to keep strengthening your body. However, once too much bone is lost, Osteoporosis occurs and this leads to a thinning of the bones making them a leeway of fragility fractures such as hip fractures and even vertebral fractures leading to a hunched appearance and sometimes compaction of the organs against each other as they fight for room inside the changing body.

So, who exactly is at risk? Women who have gone through early menopause, people who have taken corticosteroids for several months at a time or aging elderly who shy away from exercise and healthy eating are the most likely individuals at risk.

Prevention and advice concerning Osteoporosis


What can you do to prevent Osteoporosis? Eat a healthy diet that is rich in calcium/calcium supplements, regular weight-bearing exercise, standard exercising such as jogging/running , as well as the immediate discontinue of smoking/taking unhealthy drugs and decreasing alcohol intake, and avoid bone-toxic drugs such as Benzene.

Where can you seek more advice on the treatment and prevention of Osteporosis? Doctors, pharmacists and health organizations can be contacted to seek advice on this issue. If someone you know is having concerns about Osteporosis, most likely realised by the symptoms listed further up the page, than they should seek help immediately.

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