Environmental Protection Agency


What does EPA regulate?

Their mission: "to protect human health and the environment by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress"

When and why EPA was formed

  • It was established December 2nd, 1970
  • It primarily governments the environment
  • It was created for numerous issues in the world:
  1. There was a suffocating amount of smog covering Los Angeles (pictured to the right)
  2. In 1948 there was a rapid air quality change in Donora, PA causing the death rate to increase by 400%
  3. In 1952 there was a polluted fog in London, causing 4000 deaths within 4 days
  4. There were sever water pollution in numerous places caused by industrial waste and sewage

What is the EPA responsible for?

  1. When an environmental law is written by Congress, the EPA must write regulations for it
  2. They set standards that must be followed and enforced by states and tribes
  3. They must help the people who cannot meet the standards
  4. They protect Americans from risks to human health and the environment where they live, learn and work
  5. They regulate federal laws protecting human health and the environment and they make sure they enforced effectively and fairly
  6. They work with other nations to protect the global environment

How the EPA is trying to control climate change

  • They are collecting different types of greenhouse gas emissions; the data will help them identify trends and seek opportunities to reduce the amount of emissions
  • They are trying to promote a clean energy economy by partnering with successful initiatives
  • They do economy-wide analyses to see the economic impacts and effectiveness of proposed climate policies
  • They engage with different international activities to monitor our environment, advance climate change science, and promote activities for reduction in greenhouse emissions.

The following video summarizes what exactly the Environmental Protection Agency is

EPA Criminal Enforcement: Protecting People and the Environment