10 Facts about Ishmael Beah

Sierra Leone, and Child Soldiers

  • There is around 300,000 child soldiers.
  • The children are on drugs, and have AK-47’s.
  • Children are used as soldiers in more than 50 conflicts around the world.
  • Some joined by force, and others join as a result of economic, social, or security pressures.
  • The children are exposed to a lot of violence, forced to both watch, and commit violence.
  • Also these children are often abused, exploited, injured or even killed.
  • By the age of 13 Ishmael Beah was picked up by the government army.
  • Sierra Leone is found in the Western part of Africa.
  • Along the coast of Sierra Leone is the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Eventually once Ishmael was released, he was sent to a UNICEF rehabilitation center to regain his humanity.