Atomic Bombs

Lisa Yi Academic 3

Atomic bombs is also known as "atom bombs". Atomic bombs was a great explosive weapon that release huge amount of energy. This is a high explosive that can shoot 2 subcortical slugs . Atomic bombs also have a lot of thermal energy, gamma rays, and 2 neutron to release. Atomic bombs were 1 great weapon , also well known to use it in


Beyond, atomic bombs are nuclear weapon that can cause huge damage, for it's use for WW2. It bombed Hiroshima and also it released an enormous amount of energy. This was part of the Manhattan project also it was during WW2 , for it was tested on July 16, 1945. When U.S dropped the 2 atomic bombs 39,000 people were killed and 25,000 people were injured. Atomic bombs was a huge threat to Japan because they were part of the axis power and it's still here now.

At last, atomic bombs was a great explosive weapon that released huge amount of energy. This nuclear weapon can be an high explosive bomb that can shoot 2 subcritical slugs, so it gives off a lot of energy . That is how horribly Hiroshima got bombed. There were 2 bombs that killed people and in the other hand that injured a lot of people. The atom bomb release enormous amount of energy, for it had a lot of thermal energy , gamma rays , and 2 neutron. Atomic bombs were a great danger to people , for will U.S use atomic bombs again as a huge threat to another nation again ?