The Daily Olympus

By: Nathan F and Kevin D

All about Achilles and The Trojan War

Achilles is a hero, he was one of the greatest warriors in the Trojan War. He grew up in Greece and at a young age was sent to a camp by his immortal mom (Thetis) and mortal dad (Peleus) to make him a man. He was said to have the best qualities of a warriors but the heart of a poet. After he finished the camp he was then sent to Lycomedes to pose as a girl. Later in his life he fought in the Trojan war. He led the Greeks in many battles and conquered many cities. Achilles had many achievements during the war but one of his biggest was killing the strongest Trojan and dragged his dead body around on a chariot. But the biggest was hiding in the wooden horse and led the final siege to destroy Troy.

Tyrone's interview with Achilles

Tyrone gets an exclusive interview with the great hero Achilles.

Tyrone: How are you Achilles?

Achilles: Good I take it you want to ask me some questions.

Tyrone: Yes my first question is why did you fight on the Greeks side?

Achilles: I was born a Greek, and I was destined to fight with them.

Tyrone: Were you in the wooden horse?

Achilles: Yes, it was quite tight in there

Tyrone: Are you only mortal in your heel?

Achilles: Yes, when I was a baby, my mom put me in the river styx holding me by the heel, she forgot to put my heel in too.

Tyrone: Would you call Hector your biggest enemy?

Achilles: Yeah, me and him had many fights together but i’m definetly the better hero.

Tyrone: What do you think of the Achilles Tendon being named after you.

Achilles: Its one of those things where it an honor, but you prefer to be honored for something else.

Tyrone: Why did you choose to drag Hector's dead body around on a chariot?

Achilles: Hector was a special warrior so I felt he needed a special ceremony after his death and it also showed my men that Hector was dead. It was like a celebration.

Tyrone: How happy are you knowing that your son Neoptolemus eventually received your armor?

Achilles: Its amazing when I died I always wanted him to have it and I'm so happy. Odysseus realized how special it would be if Neoptolemus were to fight a war wearing it.

Tyrone: Would you agree that your love life is kind of like Zeus's?

Achilles: I guess, I did have more than 1 wife but it's no where close to how bad Zeus's is.

Tyrone: My last question for you is was it weird posing as a girl for a while?

Achilles: It was a very weird and awkward experience but you got to do what you got to do and I was just listening to what I was told.

Achilles vs Morgan Freeman

Achilles is smart, so is Morgan Freeman.

Achilles has something special about him (His armor), just like Morgan Freeman's voice.

Morgan Freeman is famous, so is Achilles.

Morgan Freeman has more than 1 wife, just like Achilles.

Achilles has killed people, Morgan Freeman has killed people in movies.


Morgan Freeman is an actor, Achilles is a god.

Morgan Freeman is alive, Achilles is dead.

Achilles is part of a religion, Morgan Freeman isn't.

Achilles is from Greece, Morgan Freeman is from Memphis.

Morgan Freeman has black hair, Achilles has blond hair.