Chuck Norris

Biography by: Dade Norris

Impact on Society

Chuck Norris has a very positive effect on society. He inspired many actors and actresses. Chuck Norris is still inspiring actors and actresses. Chuck Norris is a very nice and respective man.Chuck Norris Still is alive and has a family.

Why did I choose this person

I choose this person because when I was little I would watch Walker Texas Ranger.I also choose this person because he served in the Air Force which i want to be in the Marine Core. Chuck Norris is a very good actor and person. Steve Mcqueen encouraged Chuck Norris to be an actor

Intresting Facts

Some interesting facts I found about Chuck Norris Is that he wrote Two books. I also learned that he is the youngest of five brothers. Also I learned that he was wounded in the Vietnam war. I also learned that Chuck Norris is 75 and still looks around 35.

Personal Life

Chuck Norris was born on March 10, 1940 in Mexico. Chuck Norris was the youngest of five brothers. His dad died when he was a baby. His mother was a scrub lady and made just enough for the family. Chuck Norris eventually married and had two kids.