By: Elena H

Naruto Uzumaki

This is Naruto Uzumaki, he is from the leaf village. He has all these different jutsu's which is kind of like there powers, that he can do to help beat villains. He has lots of friends who think that he is annoying but they still like him. His parents died trying to seal the nine tailed fox inside of his body when Naruto was a baby. He has been all by himself and people didn't like him because he was different.

Naruto is funny, and determined to become the next hokage which is the leader of the village. He trains a lot and never gives up trying. He always tries to protect the people that he loves and sometimes sees the best in people. he is really dumb sometimes though because when someone is dressed up as one of his friends he thinks that its his actual friend and not some intruder and which sometimes it is.

How this is related to Integrated literacy

In Mrs. Bures class I am doing a blog post on anime and Naruto is one of the anime's that I am doing so I chose this to be one of my posters